Critical Elements

Critical Elements

The Vermont Agency of Education and the Vermont Personalized Learning Plan Work Group have developed a series of resources to help schools consider ways in which they can plan for and implement Personalized Learning Plans. These resources will enable educators to work with their community members, parents, educators, and students to create a process and a product that considers the assets of the school and community while remaining focused on the unique qualities that each student brings to the learning process.

Format Selection

The choice of formats for Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs) is a local school decision that should be made paying attention to local needs, structures, and capacity. The Critical Elements listed in the document below outline the minimum components that need to be included in a PLP in alignment with state statute. Schools should use these Critical Elements to assist them in making choices regarding various options and when developing enhancements to current models.

Critical Elements of a Personalized Learning Plan

Considerations For Electronic Personalized Learning Plans

The Vermont PLP Working Group highly recommends use of electronic databases to coordinate Personalized Learning Plans. Many of these are commercially available; in other cases, schools have created local electronic versions. Wherever these come from, schools should ensure that their electronic PLPs meet the criteria outline above. In addition, schools should attend to the following considerations that pertain specifically to electronic PLPs.


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