Samples - Vermont PLP Process


The Vermont Agency of Education and the Vermont Personalized Learning Plan Work Group have developed a series of resources to help schools consider ways in which they can plan for and implement Personalized Learning Plans. These resources will enable educators to work with their community members, parents, educators, and students to create a process and a product that considers the assets of the school and community while remaining focused on the unique qualities that each student brings to the learning process.

The Vermont Personalized Learning Plans Work Group reviewed samples of PLPs from Vermont and New England. After establishing the Critical Elements of a PLP, the group developed a template for use by schools. It is one tool that schools can use as they develop their process toward implementation of Personalized Learning Plans.

PLP Template

To help illustrate the outcomes of a process that students and faculty might engage in as they develop and review Personalized Learning Plans, a student sample has been provided for review.

PLP Sample - Traditional High School Pathway

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