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Take the School/District Self-Assessment Survey

The Vermont Agency of Education and the Vermont Personalized Learning Plan Work Group have developed a series of resources to help schools consider ways in which they can plan for and implement Personalized Learning Plans. These resources will enable educators to work with their community members, parents, educators, and students to create a process and a product that considers the assets of the school and community while remaining focused on the unique qualities that each student brings to the learning process.

The Vermont Personalized Learning Plan Work Group has developed a comprehensive online self-assessment process for Vermont schools to support planning for implementation of Personalized Learning Plans at the district and school levels. The self-assessment process and criteria were informed by the experience of several school districts in Vermont and New England that have successfully designed and implemented Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) and processes.

The self-assessment is designed around four critical areas of successful implementation: policy, practice, public will, and academic standards. While many districts and schools follow a similar sequence of planning and implementation, each pathway to implementation will depend on the individual capacity and needs of a particular district, school or community. Schools should anticipate that the steps they take will vary from the generic order proposed, although for successful implementation and sustainability each step should be undertaken at some point.

To guide district and school leaders through the planning process, the self-assessment renders results that indicate a level of readiness for each of the suggested steps within all four critical areas. As systems implement PLPs and processes, a leader can initiate a new survey on the self-assessment site to reflect on progress and refine next steps.

Schools should consider the role the Education Quality Standards play in the development of a student’s PLP. While we expect that student goals will go beyond the common academic learning expectations set forth in EQS for all students in a school, it only makes sense that a student’s PLP will incorporate these expectations. Certainly, this adds a layer of complexity to this work and may be a later step that schools take in this process—and it should not preclude forward movement in other areas. Guidance for implementation can be found in the academic standards portion of the self-assessment as well as in the guiding questions and resources available on this web site.

To learn more about how to sign up for an account to use the self-assessment and initiate a survey, download the self-assessment survey instructions.


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