Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs)

Planning for Personalization

“This is such an exciting step forward for our schools and students. We can't address challenges around engagement, relevance and student responsibility for learning without taking on this issue of personalization.”

Rebecca Holcombe, Secretary of Education

The Vermont Agency of Education and the Vermont Personalized Learning Plan Work Group have developed a series of resources to help schools consider ways in which they can plan for and implement Personalized Learning Plans. These resources will enable educators to work with their community members, parents, educators, and students to create a process and a product that considers the assets of the school and community while remaining focused on the unique qualities that each student brings to the learning process.

This website provides resources, tools, and support for district administrators, school leaders, and educators who are working to implement Personalized Learning Plans. These efforts are not intended to create and mandate a single best practice for schools to implement Personalized Learning Plans, but rather, to provide resources that will enable educators to work with students and parents/guardians to create a process and a product that takes best advantage of the unique context of each school and the unique qualities of each student.

The recent enactment of Personalized Learning Plan requirements through Act 77 will help students achieve academic success, be prepared for post-secondary opportunities, and engage actively in civic life. Schools will need to ensure that they have designed a PLP process for implementation beginning in the fall of 2015. Schools will be expected to initiate a process for students to identify their goals, learning styles, and abilities and align this with the school's academic expectations and student's pathway toward graduation.

To help the state's school leaders and educators develop plans that take into account local context, structures and systems, the resources on this website are organized into five essential categories: Agency Resources, Policy, Public Will, Practice, and Academic Standards. The Agency Resources provide overall materials that will be helpful to educators and students. Each of the other categories is further subdivided by a series of implementation steps. Site users can access resources by going directly to these steps or by taking the self-assessment survey that has been developed to help schools in their planning. As additional resources become available, they will be added to the appropriate steps within the web site.

This site will help educators and school leaders develop a practical plan of action. The self-assessment survey will help districts and schools determine where they are and map out what they need to do. After districts complete the self-assessment process, educators can access a variety of resources aligned with each step that will help them create a long-term action plan for implementing Personalized Learning Plans.

Page Last Updated on June 28, 2016