Professional Standards

Each educator in the Vermont public schools must have a recommendation from the appropriate local or regional board to be relicensed. Within guidelines established by the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators (VSBPE), local boards set local standards for high-quality professional development and relicensure. Each educator is accountable to the local or regional board for the development of an acceptable individual professional development plan (IPDP), the corresponding professional development necessary for relicensure and a professional portfolio.

The professional standards team helps support the work of the state standards board (VSBPE) and local and regional standards boards (L/RSBs) and provides assistance to educators who are undergoing the process of relicensure.

Links To Currently Available Information

Standards Boards InformationUse the following links to access additional information about the roles and responsibilities of the VSBPE, local and regional standards boards, member lists and available reports and documents.

Contact Information

The main phone number for the Licensing Office is (802) 479-1700. This number is answered by a member of the licensing staff between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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