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Per Act No. 129 of 2012, the Secretary of Education established an advisory council to provide advice and recommendations on harassment, hazing, and bullying prevention strategies and resources, and to coordinate statewide activities related to the prevention of and response to harassment, hazing, and bullying.


The agency's Safe & Healthy Schools team provides professional development, technical assistance, data collection and regulatory oversight to assist schools and their students around improving student health outcomes and creating safe and positive learning environment.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) Prevention
The agency provides grant funding, professional development, and technical assistance to support comprehensive prevention efforts in schools. Schools implement curricula, policies, peer leadership, intervention and referral services to promote student resiliency and reduce risky behaviors.

Child Nutrition Programs
Agency staff administer federal programs that support and assure that nutritious meals and snacks in schools, daycare settings and summer program sites, are served to all program participants in all eligible sites in Vermont. The agency supports program sponsors through program guidance, technical assistance, training, monitoring and evaluation to assure that every program receives the maximum federal and state funding available.

Driver & Traffic Safety Education
The agency is responsible for training and qualifying driver education instructors, providing ongoing professional development and technical assistance to driver education instructors and school administrators in schools throughout the state and for approving driver education programs in all of the state's high schools.

Health Education(Updated 11/30/10)
The agency provides professional development and technical assistance to school faculty and administrators specific to the development and implementation of health education standards-based curricula, instruction and assessment. The agency also provides on loan to schools a wide variety of health education curricula and supplemental materials through the Health Education Resource Center (HERC).

HIV Prevention
The HIV Prevention consultant provides professional development, technical assistance and resources to schools and organizations engaged in efforts to decrease adolescent sexual risk behaviors and improve student health outcomes. The consultant provides assistance in the development and implementation of standards-based curricula, instruction and assessment.

Physical Activity
In an effort to improve student fitness and participation in physical activity on a regular basis, the Safe and Healthy Schools team provides professional development, technical assistance and resources for schools to develop and implement a comprehensive physical activity program. School-based opportunities to be active include regular physical education provided by a licensed physical educator, recess, intramural activities, interscholastic sports, classroom-based physical activity, as well as walking and/or biking to school.

Physical Education
The physical education consultant provides professional development, technical assistance and resources to school personnel. The Grade Expectations provide essential, developmentally appropriate standards for knowledge and motor skill acquisition, physical fitness, individual success and positive social learning. Grant funding is also available on a yearly basis for the purchase and implementation of heart rate monitors in high school physical education.

Safe Schools
The team works with school communities to help create safe and healthy learning environments with regard to bullying, hazing, harassment and discrimination that may relate to race, gender, class, age, intelligence, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or religion. In addition, prevention and intervention technical assistance/training programs work to strengthen school climate and reduce disruptions caused by challenging student behaviors.

School Health Services
The agency provides guidance, resources and access to the most current health standards and practices to school administrators and school nurses in the development, implementation and evaluation of school health services. Information about these services are primarily for school nurses and school health professionals.

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