Safe Schools

Safe SchoolsThe Vermont State Agency of Education believes that teaching and learning begins with all children and adults feeling safe, supported, and challenged while at school. These resources will help develop a positive school climate and to prepare in the event of a school crisis

School Climate & Culture

A positive school climate does not happen by chance but is the result of a collective effort by the members of a school’s community. The information and resources provided here can help schools, families, and administrators build the cornerstone of safe and supportive school climates.

Crisis Planning

A school prepared for an immediate response to and mitigation of a school safety crisis helps build a foundation of trust and security for the students and adults engaged in education actions. The resources provided here can help schools, families and administrators prepare for and understand school emergency crisis.

Let's Talk About Safe Schools

Creating and maintaining a positive school climate combined with a sustained school crisis planning process are the keys to ensuring Vermont’s schools continue to be a safe environment where our children can learn and grow. Learn more from educators and school safety stakeholders in our blog.


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