Safe Schools


Passed by the Legislature in 2000, Act 113 (the "Safe Schools Bill"), addresses the importance of providing safe and healthy learning environments for all Vermont students. Among its many provisions, the law clarifies disciplinary procedures in cases in which a student's misconduct directly harms the welfare of a school. It also strengthens criminal laws regarding possession of weapons on school property or buses, and directs the Secretary of Education to develop teacher training programs that address disruptive student behavior.

Act 120, also passed in 2000, focuses on school hazing and harassment policies and created a school quality standard that evaluates schools on their ability to provide safe, civil, orderly, and positive learning environments.

Per Act 129 of 2012, the Secretary of Education established an advisory council to provide advice and recommendations on harassment, hazing, and bullying prevention strategies and resources, and to coordinate statewide activities related to the prevention of and response to harassment, hazing, and bullying.


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