Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBAC)

SBAC Pilot Test (Spring 2013)

The SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium has released the list of Vermont elementary, middle and high schools selected to participate in this spring’s pilot-testing of the new, computer-based statewide assessment program. All other interested schools may volunteer to participate in practice testing later in the spring. The pilot testing will focus on either English/Language Arts or Mathematics at one or two grade levels in each school, and will involve about 4000 students in Vermont and two million students from across the 28 Smarter Balanced states. The purpose of the pilot is to try out the new computer test delivery system, and to begin gathering key statistical information on nearly ten thousand test questions. The consortium is currently in the process of developing more than forty thousand additional test questions that will be field tested next year. Because pilot and field testing are part of the test development process, no student or school results will be available.


Michael Hock, Director of Educational Assessment, at or (802) 479-1288

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