Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBAC)

Smarter Balanced Readiness

Final Readiness Report

Final Readiness Report from the Technology Readiness Tool administered from Spring 2012- August 2014. The following report was generated on AUGUST 1, 2014. The Tech Readiness Tool (TRT) is now closed.
If a school is (missing) data it means that there never was data entered from that school site OR data entered was partial and ultimately not completed. At last indication from the tool, VT was at 76% Readiness.

Minimum Technology Standards Released Officially

This web page contains the minimum technology standards that Smarter Balanced is requiring for assessment in 2014-15.

Digital Learning Technology Skills---targeting SBAC assessment navigation skills

Following the SBAC Field Test last Spring, schools determined it would be useful to have list of tech skills that students may need to master to be most successful at the online assessment. From some collaboration with some school personnel, this list was generated. It is not intended to be an end point, but simply a framework for local efforts at bringing students (especially younger students) up to speed on the skills considered necessary for navigating and interacting with an online assessment.


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