School Effectiveness

The Integrated Support for Learning Divisions at the Agency of Education provide support for supervisory union and school improvement teams as they work toward continuous school improvement. ISL staff will help supervisory unions and schools ensure that the educational programs students receive provide the content, knowledge and skills to meet rigorous academic standards.
AOE school effectiveness coordinators emphasize best practice implementation and monitoring of implementation, high quality instruction, and high expectations for all students as well as continuous progress monitoring of student achievement goals.
Through the use of a continuous school improvement model the number of students meeting or exceeding the standard can be improved and gaps in performance between the various sub groups of students can be decreased.

School Improvement and Restructuring Handbook (2013-14)

This document provides an overview of the school improvement process and supplementary resources for schools that did not meet their adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) targets in 2013.

List of School Effectiveness Coordinators

This is a list of assigned School Effectiveness Coordinators. Coordinators are assigned to Supervisory Unions or Districts.


Ken Remsen, School Effectiveness Program Manager, at or (802) 479-1444

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