School Finance

The School Finance Team administers Vermont's regular education funding; collects and analyzes school expenditure, enrollment, student dropout, and school staff data for policy-makers; reports various school fiscal and non-fiscal data required by federal law; and provides the calculations for the distribution of federal money to school districts. Staff member also provide training for school business managers several times per year and work closely with the Vermont Association of School Business Officials.

In this episode of “Education – Join the Conversation” we talk to Bill Talbott, AOE Deputy Secretary & CFO, Marilyn Frederick, Lamoille North SU Business Manager, and Robin Pembroke, Orange Southwest SU Business Manager, about how education is funded in Vermont. Vermont is unique in that it has a statewide property tax system (Act 60 and Act 68) in order to create equitable opportunities for our students no matter where in the state they live.





Brad James, Education Finance Manager, at or (802) 479-1043

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