School Finance

Financial Reports and Data

School Finance Reports on SkyDrive
Various school finance reports are now stored online within Microsoft’s Skydrive service. Most of these documents are in the PDF format and are available for download. For questions, please contact Sean Cousino, Vermont Agency of Education, at (802) 479-1026 or

Data Collection Materials & Training Information
Each fiscal year, the agency collects data from Vermont's supervisory unions and school districts. In addition, the agency provides training to help school professionals provide the data. This area provides access to training material, data collection instructions and forms for submitting data to the agency. NOTE: For questions regarding data collections, call (802) 479-1044.

School Data and Reports 
View reports generated at various times during the year based on data submitted by school districts/supervisory

Preliminary School Tax Information for Town Meeting 
Town meeting grids are designed to estimate the amount of education property tax a homeowner would pay on a house and up to two acres for the coming tax year. The grids are based on board-approved preliminary budget data submitted to the department. Town meeting grids may be viewed on the legislative website using the link above.

Town and Unified School Districts Tuitioning One or More Grades
This document lists the Vermont school districts that do not operate schools for some or all of the grades K through 12, nor belong to union school districts for those grades. The districts listed are required to pay tuition to other public or approved independent schools for students in the grades indicated. Vermont law requires these school districts to pay full tuition to public schools and tuition up to the Average Announced Tuition for Union Schools to approved independent schools. Updated on September 18, 2013.


Brad James, Education Finance Manager, at or (802) 479-1043

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