School Health Services

The Agency provides technical assistance to schools seeking information about school health services policies and practices, the Quality Standards and provides a yearly training for nurses interested in becoming endorsed by the Agency in school nursing.

Joint Vermont Department of Education and Department of Health memo regarding immunizations

This letter to encourages all school principals, superintendents and headmasters to keep Vermont schools healthy by helping to connect provisionally-admitted students with access to vaccines.

Legal & Technical Resources Related to Life-Threatening Chronic Allergies and Illnesses in Schools (Act 158) 
This letter is the agency's annual notification to all school districts informing them of their responsibilities regarding students with life-threatening allergies and chronic illnesses. This document contains information that may help schools in assessing and addressing the needs of students with life threatening allergies and chronic illnesses. A chart of live links to legal and technical resources and agency contact numbers is also included.

Managing Life-threatening Allergic Conditions in Schools 
This manual provides school personnel with detailed information about life-threatening allergies and best practices for schools, students and families. A model policy template is also included.

School Health Screening
Legislation has changed regarding school health screening under Sec. 31. 16 V.S.A. § 1422. This change is taking place to assure that all school health related screenings are aligned with current research and the best practice recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics. The ONLY required, population based, school health screening is for hearing and vision. Use the link above to view a chart indicating what grades should be screened. No other population based screenings are required nor recommended in the school setting. NOTE: This document also contains information about body mass index (BMI) screening in schools and why they are not recommended best practice.

School Health Services

School health services play a vital role in health outcomes
for children. The Vermont Department of Health (VDH), in
collaboration with the Vermont Agency of Education
(VT-AOE), has created the following resources:

Contact Information

Sharonlee Trefry MSN, RN, NCSN
Vermont Department of Health
Maternal and Child Health Division
State School Nurse Consultant
108 Cherry St. # 302
Burlington, Vermont 05401
802.863.7348 (direct)
802.863.7229 (fax)

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