Other Resources


NECAP Science Resources

Inluding Alignment Charts, Depth of Knowledge Descriptions (DOK),
Grade Expectation Alignment, Guidelines for the Development of
Science Inquiry Tasks, Science Target Document and more.

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP): Vermont Performance Results for 2005 in Science

View Vermont's performance on the most recent administrations of
NAEP, including national results, Vermont state results,
comparisons to other states' and past years' performance and
results for subgroups of students.

Emerging Science on Vermont Public Television (VPT)

The VT AOE, Vermont educators, and VPT partnered to develop classroom resources that will help Vermont educators foster their students' interest in science.


Gail Hall, Middle-High School Science, at or (802) 479-1284

Kathy Renfrew, K-5 Science, at or (802) 479-1448

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