CD Resources

Use the following links to view a variety of science assessment resources (listed alphabetically) made available on CD to all Vermont science teachers in January 2007. When available, documents are provided in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF* format.

CD Overview
    CD Overview
Curriculum Mapping
    GE Unwrapping K-4
    GE Unwrapping ML-HS
    Mapping Protocol
Grade Expectations
  Use the link above to view a separate Web page containing the science grade expectations as Microsoft Word and PDF files.
Local Assessment
  Core Principles
  Vermont Assessment Model
  Assessment Overview
  Permission Letter
  Constructed Response    
    Development Tool
    Assessment Analysis Tool
    Assessment Web sites
    Benchmark Protocol
    Data Analysis Web site
    K-4 Sample: Force
    5-8 Sample: Blackbirds
    9-12 Sample: Acid Rain
  Formative Assessment     
    Key Features
    How to Use a Probe
    K-4 Balloons Probe
    5-8 Books/Bus Probe
    5-8 Life Science Probe
    9-12 Balloons Probe
    Paul Black Article
  Multiple Choice    
    Multiple Choice Overview
    How to Use a Probe
  Performance Task    
    Development Tool
    Assessment Analysis Tool
    Benchmark Protocol
  Questioning Skills    
    Key Features
    Essential Questions
    Productive Questions Chart
    Productive Questions Sample
NECAP Information
  NECAP Resources    
    Science Update (11/06)
    Inquiry Constructs
    Unifying Themes: Hess Article
    Unifying Themes: Summary
  DOK Connections    
    GE/NECAP Alignment Chart
    DOK Information: Webb
    DOK Table: Hess
    DOK Table: Webb
    DOK Graphic
    CTS Overview
    Data Analysis Web Sites
    DI Study Guide
    5 ES Cycle of Inquiry
    5 ES Chart
    Universal Design
    Resource List
Vermont Framework of Standards & Learning Opportunities
  Use the link above to view a separate Web page containing the Vermont Framework as a Microsoft Word and PDF file. NOTE: Both the Word and PDF versions of this document include the revised science standard 7:16.


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