Child Count Data for 2013


The Child Count data collection reflects the status of children with disabilities eligible for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA) on December 1 of each year. The data are collected at the supervisory union level according to state and federal statute and regulations. The collection includes demographic information as well as information regarding placement (educational environment), educational location (facility), and compliance indicators (Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and evaluations completed on time).

The overview below lists the count and percentage of ADM (average daily membership)  of children with disabilities by SU. The data are also reported by disability, placement, gender, and grade group.

  The table below lists the count and percentage of ADM (average daily membership) of children with disabilities by SU. Students reported as exited are excluded. NOTE: The information below is also available for download.
SU SU/SD Name Active IEP StudentsEligible StudentsADMPercent IEP

SU001Addison Northeast S.U.2132131609.713.23%
SU002Addison Northwest S.U.1701701093.0615.55%
SU003Addison Central S.U.2432431758.9713.81%
SU004Addison - Rutland S.U.2282281384.3316.47%
SU005Southwest Vermont S.U.6036123169.7219.02%
SU006Bennington - Rutland S.U.3623642231.7816.22%
SU007Colchester S.D.2862862124.8713.46%
SU008Caledonia North S.U.2602601489.1717.46%
SU009Caledonia Central S.U.112112861.1513.01%
SU010Milton S.D.2392391658.8414.41%
SU011St Johnsbury S.D.2032051047.4119.38%
SU012Chittenden East S.U.3473472636.313.16%
SU013Chittenden Central S.U. (*)3243252504.9512.93%
SU014Chittenden South S.U.4854924227.6111.47%
SU015Burlington S.D.5635643992.9514.10%
SU016South Burlington S.D.2832842414.4211.72%
SU017Winooski S.D.133133774.517.17%
SU018Essex - Caledonia S.U.9393767.0312.12%
SU019Essex North S.U.2929200.3614.47%
SU020Franklin Northeast S.U.2542541589.5915.98%
SU021Franklin Northwest S.U.3793792234.9416.96%
SU022Franklin West S.U.2802801895.114.77%
SU023Franklin Central S.U.4504502532.9217.77%
SU024Grand Isle S.U.158158967.8616.32%
SU025Lamoille North S.U.3103141864.1616.63%
SU026Lamoille South S.U.2032031629.8812.45%
SU027Orange East S.U.2622621372.6119.09%
SU028Orange Southwest S.U.155155896.2717.29%
SU029Orange North S.U.167169820.120.36%
SU030Orange - Windsor S.U.1971981089.9518.07%
SU031North Country S.U.6146232713.7622.63%
SU032Washington Central S.U.1871881500.7212.46%
SU033Rutland South S.U.104104778.9313.35%
SU034Orleans Central S.U.1891891104.817.11%
SU035Orleans Southwest S.U.1841841185.9515.51%
SU036Rutland Northeast S.U.2292291611.7714.21%
SU037Rutland Central S.U.1561561121.9713.90%
SU038Rutland Southwest S.U.132132792.3816.66%
SU040Rutland City S.D.3863862020.8819.10%
SU041Washington Northeast S.U.8283581.1714.11%
SU042Washington West S.U.2752751943.3414.15%
SU043Washington South S.U.133133666.3819.96%
SU045Montpelier S.D.122122982.7512.41%
SU046Windham Central S.U.1501501040.5914.41%
SU047Windham Northeast S.U.2662721354.2419.64%
SU048Windham Southeast S.U.4794872581.718.55%
SU049Windham Southwest S.U.114114743.315.34%
SU050Windsor Northwest S.U.9495634.8814.81%
SU051Windsor Central S.U.126126845.5814.90%
SU052Windsor Southeast S.U.1881881370.613.72%
SU054Hartford S.D.3073071507.1520.37%
SU055Dresden S U3434655.95.18%
SU056Springfield S.D.2342341327.6217.63%
SU057Blue Mountain S.D7474418.2417.69%
SU059Essex Town S.D. (*)1761761284.9313.70%
SU060Battenkill Valley S.U.7575410.6218.27%
SU061Barre S.D.4974972504.8219.84%
SU063Two Rivers S.U.2092091161.1618.00%
SU064Rivendell Interstate S.D. (**)5353276.5819.16%
SU099Department of Corrections2525N/AN/A
Total 13,88513,94187,963.2115.79%
  * ADM (Average Daily Membership) adjustment: 593.21 high school students moved from Essex Town S.D. to Chittenden Central S.U.
** Excludes 20 New Hampshire resident students reported through Vermont by SU064.

The information in the table above is available for download in the following categories:


The count and percentage of ADM (average daily membership) of children with disabilities is also available by town of residence. Students reported as exited are excluded.


Counts and percentages are reported by disability, educational environment, gender, and grade group in the tables below. Counts that are less than 11 have been suppressed in order to prevent the identification of individual students. Suppressed data are represented by "***" in these tables. Grades have been grouped together to avoid suppressing data as much as possible.


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Lucinda Morabito, Data and Reporting Coordinator, at or (802) 479-1208

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