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Pursuant to Title 16 of the Vermont Statutes, Chapter 3, the Vermont State Board of Education is responsible for the establishment, advancement, and evaluation of public education policy. The powers and duties of the Board include making regulations governing: attendance and records of attendance of all pupils, standards for student performance, adult basic education programs, approval of independent schools, disbursement of funds, and equal access for all Vermont students to a quality education. The governing regulations are described in the Manual of Rules and Practices.

2016 - 2017 Meeting Schedule

All meetings of the State Board of Education are available online via video-on-demand viewing at

Mission & Vision of The State Board of Education


The State Board and Agency of Education provide leadership, support and oversight to ensure that the Vermont public education system enables each student to be successful.


Every learner completes his or her public education with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in college, continuing education, careers, and citizenship. The public education system provides flexible learning environments rich with 21st century tools that promote self-development, academic achievement, and active engagement in learning. It operates within a framework of high expectations for every learner with support from educators, families and the community.

Strategic Plan for 2015-2019

Pursuant to Section 180 of Title 16 which requires the State Board of Education to "adopt through a public process a statewide strategic education plan to describe how the agency will help school boards to improve student performance" and that it be reviewed and updated every five years, the Board voted to approve the current Strategic Plan at its meeting on January 20, 2015. The Plan has been developed to emphasize the Board’s commitment to (1) ensure that Vermont’s public education system operates within the framework of high expectations for every learner and ensure that there is equity in opportunity for all; and (2) ensure that the public education system is stable, efficient, and responsive to changes and ever-changing population needs, economic and 21st century issues.  The Board will work with the Agency now to move ahead with the implementation of its Plan.

Vermont State Board of Education 2013-14 Priorities

To meet its objective of enabling all Vermont students to reach their full potential and become engaged, contributing members of society, the Board of Education has adopted its priorities for the 2013-14 year. The Board believes this objective can be achieved through providing equitable, high quality learning opportunities to all children delivered within a flexible and personalized statewide system.

Agency of Education's Budget Recommendations and Annual Report


The Board consists of eleven members (nine voting members and two non-voting members) appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. Two of the Board members are Vermont high school students; One is a voting member, and the other is not. Students are appointed to a two-year term, upon the second year of service the student becomes a voting member. The other non-voting member is the Secretary of Education.

State Board of Education Member List

Student Membership

The Vermont State Board of Education has two student members who sit on the Board:

Rainbow Chen of Winooski High School
Dylan McAllister of Hazen Union High School

Student Member Sought for State Board of Education

Secondary Students Graduating in 2018 or Later
The Governor’s office is seeking a candidate to serve on the State Board of Education as one of its two student representatives. The State Board of Education meets on the third Tuesday of every month and establishes policies, regulations and rules related to education in Vermont and in keeping with statutes passed by the Legislature. Candidates may apply using the Student Application for Gubernatorial Appointment. The deadline for applications has been extended until June 10, 2016. Questions about the State Board of Education may be directed to Maureen Gaidys at (802) 479-1030 Questions about the application or the nomination process itself can be directed to Jessica Gingras at (802) 828-6469 or


If you are a Vermont student and would like to submit a question or comment to the student members of the Board, please click here to send an email.


Maureen Gaidys at or (802) 479-1060

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