State Board of Education

State Board Committees and Commissions

Education Quality Review Subcommittee

Provide oversight on alignment of EQR to statutes and rules.  Identify inconsistencies and/or oversights in rule and statute related to EQR and propose remedies for those inconsistencies; the end product’s purpose is to validly measure the quality of Vermont education as defined by Constitution, statutes and EQS.  Where the evaluation system does not or cannot ascertain educational quality, make recommendations for changes to policy/statute as indicated; and advocate for staffing and resources to support the work effort.

Contact: William Mathis, Chair, SBE Education Quality Review Subcommittee at

Committee members: Bill Mathis (Chair), Stacy Weinberger, Bonnie Johnson-Aten, Dylan McAllister, Rainbow Chen

Next Meeting: TBD

Governance Subcommittee

Committee members: Mark Perrin (Chair), Peter Peltz, Sean-Marie Oller, Krista Huling, Stephan Morse







Legislative Committee

The legislative committee proposes new legislative action, reviews current legislative initiatives, and advises the legislature on amendments and proposed laws with the purpose of advancing the quality of Vermont education.

Contact: William Mathis, Chair, SBE Legislative Committee at

Committee members: Mark Perrin, Krista Huling, and Sean-Marie Oller


Maureen Gaidys at or (802) 479-1060

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