State Board of Education

State Board Committees and Commissions

Education Quality Standards Commission

In October 2012 the State Board of Education appointed the members of the Education Quality Standards (EQS) Commission. The Commission is comprised of Vermont education leaders tasked with recommending a state policy framework, and will build off the work started in 2009 by the Education Transformation Policy Commission.

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Opportunity to Learn: Defining Vermont Education for a New Generation of Learners
The Final Report of Policy Recommendations - Education Transformation Policy Commission was submitted to the Vermont State Board of Education in December 2009.

Legislative Committee

The legislative committee proposes new legislative action, reviews current legislative initiatives, and advises the legislature on amendments and proposed laws with the purpose of advancing the quality of Vermont education.

Contact: William Mathis, Chair, SBE Legislative Committee at

Committee members: Mark Perrin, Krista Huling, and Sean-Marie Oller

Supervisory Union Study Committee

Contact: Mark Perrin, Chair, SBE Supervisory Union Study Committee at

Committee members: Krista Huling, Morgan MacIver, Stacy Weinberger, Steve Dale, Jeff Francis, Ken Page, Vaughn Altemus

Strategic Planning Committee

Contact: Bonnie Johnson-Aten, Chair, Strategic Planning Committee at

Committee members: Margaret MacLean, Stacy Weinberger, Bill Mathis


Perry Thompson at or (802) 479-1030

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