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Education Quality Standards

State Board Rule 2000, School Quality Standards, was put in place following the passage of Act 60 in 1997, to ensure "all Vermont children will be afforded educational opportunities that are substantially equal in quality…" (V.S.A. Title 16, § 165).

In 2012 and 2013, the Board re-examined these rules, assisted by a commission of education practitioners, business leaders and administrators called the Education Quality Standards Commission.

In June 2013, the Board accepted the Education Quality Standards Commission Recommendations, and voted to initiate the administrative rulemaking process. The Board held a series of public hearings across the state and collected over 200 pages of public comments relating to the Rule. At the December 2013 Board meeting, the State Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the proposed rule Education Quality Standards. As part of the administrative rulemaking process, the rules went before the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules, and were approved by the Secretary of State's Office. The rules officially went into effect on April 5, 2014

Educator Quality Review Summit

The Agency of Education is seeking input from the field regarding Education Quality Reviews (EQR). The central purpose of these reviews is to assess the degree to which the Education Quality Standards (EQS) are being addressed in Vermont schools, identify best practices and to support the continuous improvement of our schools. We are seeking a broad-based representative group to provide input regarding what this process will be. We will likely not be able to accommodate all interested parties. 

Register to participate by completing this survey:

Please forward to your full community to increase representation.  Responses are needed by April 1, committee members will be selected by April 6. This document includes annotations throughout, to communicate guidance statements from the Agency to the field.


Jill Remick, Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs, at or (802) 479-1177

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