Alternate Assessments

All publicly funded students with significant disabilities (SWSD) enrolled in grades 3-8 and 9 are required to participate in a statewide assessment for reading and math. All publicly funded students in grades 5, 8, and 11 will assess in science. Students, who cannot participate in the general assessment with accommodations, may be eligible to take an alternate assessment.

Additional information is not available at this time, as Vermont is moving to a new set of statewide assessments, including new alternate assessments. We are in the process of selecting a new vendor that will help us develop a comprehensive instructional and testing system for SWSD in Language Arts, Math and Science. We hope to complete the process by late Fall 2017, and then offer training and information to the field in early spring 2018. The new alternative assessments will align with the Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards, thereby allowing students with significant cognitive disabilities to show their knowledge and skills on grade level academic content.

Thank you for your patience while we go through this process.

Vermont Alternate Assessment Student Eligibility Criteria

The Vermont Alternate Assessment Student Eligibility Criteria document will assist special educators and IEP teams in determining a student’s eligibility to assess using an alternate assessment. Because this is a very small percentage of the population, most students who qualify will take the alternate assessment in all three content areas: English Language Arts, Math, and Science.


Email Linda Moreno, Assessment Coordinator for Special Populations, or call (802) 479-1309.

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