Educational Support System

Within each school district's comprehensive system of educational services, Title 16 of the Vermont Statutes requires each public school to develop and maintain an educational support system for children who require additional assistance in order to succeed in the general education environment. Support includes prevention, intervention, and prekindergarten services. The educational support system is required to include an educational support team (EST) and a range of support and remedial services, including instructional and behavioral interventions and accommodations. Each school board must assign responsibility for developing and maintaining the ESS to the superintendent or principal. Superintendents are required to annually report on the status of the ESS in their schools including how funds, such as Medicaid, are used to support the ESS.

BEST Grant Application

We have designated implementation of evidence-based practices, positive school climate, student proficiency, and personalization within a tiered system of academic and behavioral supports to assist all students in working toward attainment of the standards as the priority area for use of  Act 230 grant funds. BEST funds are intended for training and professional learning to support students with emotional and behavioral needs. 

Each Vermont supervisory union/district may apply for BEST Act 230 funds; up to $7,000.00 for the designated purposes plus an additional amount of up to $5,000.00 for the purpose of PBIS Implementation Coaching. This application must be completed on or before October 1, 2017.

Each Vermont supervisory union/district may also apply for a BEST Act 230 Innovation Grant of up to $20,000. This application must be completed on or before October 15, 2017. The Innovation Grant request will be reviewed by AOE staff and may be approved in full, in part, or not approved. 

Educational Support System Resources

Educational Support Team

The educational support team  is one component of a school's educational support system. The job of an EST is to act as a "think tank" and help solve the puzzle of what is happening in school for a student and determine what he/she might need to be more successful. It is also the job of the EST, with the aid of the classroom teacher, to monitor, review and revise students' EST plans to ensure that the suggested programs, supports, and/or accommodations are effective. The focus is on what school staff can do differently, such as changing strategies, adjusting the environment, and altering expectations. The EST can also provide data to help evaluate and improve programs.


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