In late 2010 the Vermont Agency of Education convened a Work-Based Learning Committee to bring a new focus to the essential element of work-based learning as part of Vermont high schools' efforts to transform learning making it more relevant and student centered. The group decided that its first task was to establish a set of 'gold standards' that broadly defined quality work-based learning. Credit must be given to the National Academy Foundation's Gold Standards for High School Internships as the primary reference point for establishing the new Vermont Standards for Work-Based Learning. 

The committee's second charge was to utilize the Gold Standards as the foundation for rewriting the Vermont's Work-Based Learning Manual, which had been produced in 1998 as part of the state's School-to-Work initiative at that time. It should be noted that while the format of the manual has been restructured to follow the standards, much of the text from that manual has been reproduced in this rewrite, reflective of the considerable research and high quality effort that went into production of the first version. We are indebted to Mary Mulloy of the Vermont Agency of Education and Robin Morton formerly of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce Business Education Partnership who were primarily responsible for its development. Contributions to the manual were made by a large number of practitioners from schools and agencies across the state.

As for the current version of this site, the Department of Education commissioned Linking Learning to Life working in partnership with Upper Valley Business and Education Partnership, to carry out the rewrite. We would like to acknowledge the support of Greg Voorheis from the Vermont Department of Labor for reviewing the sections related to legal issues, and for the entire Work-Based Learning Committee for review and revisions of the standards and manual drafts.

Navicate (formerly Linking Learning to Life)
Lindsey Lathrop, Assistant Director
Penny Nolte, Ed.D. Data & Evaluation Coordinator 
Rich Tulikangas, Executive Director

Upper Valley Business and Education Partnership
Kathi Terami, Executive Director 

Vermont Work-Based Learning Committee Members:
John Fischer, Interim Deputy Commissioner at Vermont Agency of Education
Doug Webster, Career and Technical Education Coordinator at Vermont Agency of Education
John Spinney, Post Secondary Transition Specialist at Vermont Agency of Education
Patricia Nagy, Director at Vermont Dept. of Labor Apprenticeship Division
Dave Culver, Adult and Cooperative Education Coordinator at River Valley Technical Center
Hugh Bradshaw, Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Rich Tulikangas, Executive Director at Navicate
Lindsey Lathrop, Assistant Director at Navicate
Kathi Terami, Executive Director at Upper Valley Business and Education Partnership


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