New Families and First Time Enrollments

Welcome to Home Study! 

Educating your students at home is no easy task. By enrolling with this office, you are attesting that you will provide your student a quality education, and we are here to facilitate your growth as you learn how best to do that. 

We have a ton of great resources, guides, and FAQs, and are always happy to help if you’ve got a question. Also sign up for our Membership List to receive educational opportunities, updates, and community news 

Guidance for New Families

  • A document with links to the forms you may need, some descriptions of when you'd need them, as well as a bunch of great information for folks new to Home Study.

Guidelines for Home Study in Vermont 

  • Contains information necessary to prepare and submit an enrollment notice for homeschooling. Excerpts from relevant statutes and rules are also provided.

Enrollment Instructions and Checklist

  • Checklist of forms with instructions for when each is required for enrollment in Home Study

Enrollment Information

Families must submit an enrollment packet each year. This link takes you to our online submission, but you can also email, fax, or mail your paperwork. This packet contains all potential forms, but see below to learn what forms will be required for your student, as well as  our Forms Page to see all submission options and links to individual forms. 

Enrollments for the 2021-2022 school year will be accepted between March 1, 2021 and May 1, 2022, but students must remain in the public/independent school until you have received an official Home Study enrollment complete letter. 

Required Forms for First-Time Student Enrollment

- Enrollment Form (Form A)

- Form B or equivalent (i.e. a report card, progress report or IEP/504 Plan)

- Minimum Course of Study (MCOS)

Required Forms for Returning Student Enrollment

- Enrollment Form (Form A)

End of the Year Assessment (EOYA)

- Minimum Course of Study (MCOS) (unless the MCOS exemption has been earned)

Other Forms for New and Returning Students

  •  These additional forms will not apply to everyone
  • An Assurance form is also required whenever only one parent has legal educational rights, or if there is a difference in last name. (Both parents with educational rights and the student must have the same last name to skip the Assurance.)
  • If your student has a disability, we will also need the Adaptations for Minimum Course of Study.  (See the Special Education section for more information.) 
  • If someone other than the parent is providing the instruction (i.e. if a friend is teaching Algebra, or student is enrolling in a class) then have the instructor or school fill out Form C

Enrollment Processing 

After you submit your paperwork we will process it, and then we will email you to let you know if we need additional forms or details or we will send you a letter indicating youenrollment is complete.

Please alert us if you haven’t heard from the team within three weeks of your submission. 

End of Year Assessment and Re-enrollment

After your first year you will need to submit an End of Year Assessment (EOYA). (See the EOYA page for guidance.)

You must also re-enroll annually if you wish to continue your Home Study program. The Form B is no longer required after the first year. (See the EOYA page for guidance.) 

If you only submit an EOYA we will send you an EOYA approval letter in the mail, or contact you requesting additional information. This letter does not indicate you've been enrolled for the next year, but only means your previous year is complete and successful.

Please alert us if you receive neither within three weeks.