Edmodo is a communication and collaboration platform that can also be used for distance and blended learning, and will enable collaboration and access to Continuity of Learning resources for continued support to all Vermont students.

The Edmodo platform will provide educators with a virtual ecosystem for peer learning and networking communities to share information and best practices, both within closed district networks and statewide. Each SU/SD and approved independent school will be provided with an independent space that can be used for local professional learning, communication, and online teaching. Edmodo will also support virtual spaces for educators to collaborate, share and learn together in larger (statewide or multi-district) groups; this will remove geographic and financial barriers as well as any health and safety concerns related to gathering in-person during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Registering for Edmodo

Are you a Vermont educator who would like an Edmodo account? To see all Edmodo has to offer, please fill out this form to have your account created. 




Edmodo Overview

What are the features and benefits of using Edmodo?

  •  Edmodo has a simple user interface with little or no formal training required
  • Educators and other school personnel can create professional groups, subject area communities, and other networks to extend professional development.
  • Educators and students can store and share documents and files in a wide variety of formats in a cloud-based environment.
  • Educators can maintain a personal content library and share content with members.
  • Educators and students can collaborate in a secure, closed environment.
  • Folder-sharing allows educators to share all content for particular units of study with select groups or all students.
  • Parents can create a parent account to connect with their child’s groups.
  • Edmodo is free – and free of ads.
  • A message board allows secure and open communication that can be monitored and controlled by the educator.
  • It is easy to monitor student interaction.
  • Educators can post assignments and assessments that are electronically submitted and automatically graded.
  • A built-in survey tool can be used to check for understanding (no clickers required).
  • Students can instantly access their files 24/7 through their cloud-based ‘Library’.

All Edmodo users will receive these important benefits: Secure closed environment, free of ads, no geographical barriers, cloud-based, simple & intuitive interface. See the lists below for additional benefits for different Edmodo user groups:


  • Professional Learning Groups 
  • Subject area communities 
  • Personal content library 
  • Collegial sharing of ideas 
  • Store documents 
  • Monitor student interaction 
  • Post assignments – automated grading
  • Built-in survey tool for synchronous or asynchronous formative assessment 


  • Share documents & assignments  
  • Accept different formats 
  • Folder sharing 
  • Student groups 
  • Student collaboration
  • Real-time feedback on assignments utilizing automated grading 
  • 24/7 access to assignments and files 


  • Parent accounts 
  • Secure educator / parent communication 
  • Access to child’s curriculum


  • Professional development 
  • Message boards to reach whole or targeted groups or committees 

Data and Security Protections

As SUs/SDs and schools review the myriad uses for Edmodo in supporting professional, classroom and community interactions, privacy and security will be a consideration in decisions about use and rollout within their education communities. Many of those considerations will center on protecting student data privacy, particularly when deciding whether to use Edmodo as a Learning Management System.

The Agency of Education shares your investment in the protection of student data privacy and the need to protect personal information for students and staff. Though we cannot speak to Edmodo’s past or future willingness to sign privacy agreements with individual school districts, we can assure you that the partnership with the State of Vermont (SOV) aligns with the intent of the Vermont Student Data Privacy Consortium standard agreement and meets the SOV’s obligations under FERPA.

In the SOV partnership with Edmodo, the SOV and district users have multiple layers of data privacy protection.

  • Edmodo licensing was purchased through a cloud solutions partner, Quest Media & Supplies, Inc. utilizing a NASPO ValuePoint master contract. In this contract, all purchases are required to adhere to the terms and conditions of the master contract including Exhibit 1, with sections including but not limited to ownership, protection, breach, termination and encryption.

  • To utilize the ValuePoint contract each participating state is required to develop a Participating Addendum (PA) in which the state may choose to add additional terms and conditions. The Vermont PA adds a number of terms for data protection (see Exhibit 1 – Item 2, e. and f. on Page 33 of the Vermont PA). These terms apply to the contractor, Quest, and any subcontractors that Quest will use, such as Edmodo.

  • Finally, Vermont’s new Act 89, an act related to data privacy and consumer protection, went into effect on July 1, 2020. The student data privacy protections described in Act 89 will apply to the work on this project.

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