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Table data
Title File Category Date File Format
2022-2023 CEP SFA AND SCHOOL NOTIFICATION REPORT edu-nutrition-2022-2023-cep-sfa-and-school-notification-report.xlsx (40.57 KB) 06/30/2022 Spreadsheet
Ripton School District Summary, Detail and Supervisory Union Budget edu-ripton-summary-detail-supervisory-union-budget.xlsx (23.02 KB) 07/20/2022 Spreadsheet
Agency of Education's Technical Revisions to Education Quality Standards Rules sbe-eqs-aoe-technical-revisions-to-rules-10-20-22.xlsx (26.4 KB) 11/03/2022 Spreadsheet
Vermont CTE Programs Approved Tier 1 Credentials 2022 edu-vt-cte-programs-approved-tier-1-credentials-2022.xlsx (20.62 KB) 11/17/2022 Spreadsheet
Vermont CTE Programs Approved Postsecondary Tier 2 Credentials 2022 edu-vt-cte-programs-approved-postsecondary-tier-2-credentials-2022.xlsx (22.26 KB) 11/17/2022 Spreadsheet
P-EBT Reporting Template and Pending Plan for 2022-23 - Submission 2 edu-p-ebt-datatemplate-May23.xlsx (22.91 KB) 05/02/2023 Spreadsheet
AEL Grant Budget Object and Function Codes edu-ael-grant-budget-object-and-function-codes.xlsx (31.95 KB) 02/15/2023 Spreadsheet
AEL FY24 Budget Proposal Template edu-ael-fy24-budget-proposal-template.xlsx (94.99 KB) 02/15/2023 Spreadsheet
Item F: Independent School Attestations VISA Member Schools.xlsx (15.21 KB) 03/15/2023 Spreadsheet
FY 2024 Announced Tuition Data Table edu-fy24-announced-tuition-data-table-v1.1.xlsx (19.97 KB) 04/18/2023 Spreadsheet
Equalized Pupil Comparison for FY2024 with Act 127 Weights edu-act-173-ag-fy2024-new-act-127-weights-05-01-23.xlsx (62.74 KB) 04/25/2023 Spreadsheet
Equitable Services Data Worksheets Tool edu-cfp-equitable-services-data-worksheets-tool.xlsx (22.08 KB) 05/17/2023 Spreadsheet
Equitable Services Amounts by Independent School FY2023 Report edu-cfp-equitable-services-amounts-by-school-fy2023.xlsx (19.44 KB) 08/09/2023 Spreadsheet
Special Education Expenditure Report for FY2024 edu-special-ed-expenditure-report-fy24.xlsx (51.49 KB) 09/11/2023 Spreadsheet
School District Spending Per Pupil - FY2020 FY20 Cohort School Spending by School Type v1 WEB.xlsx (40.82 KB) 10/18/2023 Spreadsheet
School District Spending Per Pupil - FY2021 FY21 Cohort School Spending by School Type v2 WEB.xlsx (42.34 KB) 10/18/2023 Spreadsheet
School District Spending Per Pupil - FY2023 edu-FY23-Cohort-Spending-by-School-Type-v03-web.xlsx (41.9 KB) 10/31/2023 Spreadsheet
School District Spending Per Pupil - FY2024 edu-FY24-Cohort-Spending-by-School-Type-v02-web.xlsx (42.11 KB) 10/31/2023 Spreadsheet
Education Quality Standards-Rule Series 2000-Spreadsheet Summary of Public Comments sbe-eqs-rule-series-2000-public-comment-spreadsheet-11-2023.xlsx (44.57 KB) 11/19/2023 Spreadsheet
Schools Operating CEP in School Year 2023-2024 edu-nutrition-2023-2024-CEP-Schools.xlsx (18.05 KB) 11/22/2023 Spreadsheet