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Table data
Title Sort descending File Category Date File Format
Service Plan Section C Forms edu-fy21sp-section-c-forms.xlsx (14.41 KB) 08/30/2019 Spreadsheet
Service Plan Section C Instructions edu-section-c-instructions.pdf (551.04 KB) 08/30/2019 PDF
Service Plan Section C Instructions edu-special-education-service-plan-section-c-instructions-fy20.pdf (354.86 KB) 08/07/2018 PDF
Service Plan Section D Forms edu-fy2021-section-d-forms.xls (133.5 KB) 08/30/2019 Spreadsheet
Service Plan Section D Instructions edu-section-d-instructions.pdf (630.63 KB) 08/30/2019 PDF
Serving Bulk Meals in the SFSP and CACFP At-Risk After School Meals During COVID-19 edu-serving-bulk-meals-in-the-sfsp-and-cacfp-at-risk-afterschool-meals-during-covid19.pdf (250.11 KB) 12/10/2020 PDF
Serving Homeless Children and Youth edu-cfp-serving-homeless-children-and-youth.pdf (183.56 KB) 02/08/2018 PDF
Sesame Street Resources and Episode edu-sesame-street-resources-and-episode.pdf (221.15 KB) 10/05/2020 PDF
Setting the Stage: Laying the Foundation for Special Education Rule Changes Slidedeck edu-setting-the-stage-laying-the-foundation-for-sped-rule-changes-slidedeck.pdf (909.73 KB) 11/18/2021 PDF
Sexual Health Education Resource Guide edu-vdh-resource-guide-sexual-health-education.pdf (277.03 KB) 01/30/2020 PDF
Sexual Health Professional Development Resources edu-sexual-health-professional-development-resources.pdf (294.78 KB) 01/15/2019 PDF
Sexual Violence Prevention: Technical Assistance Resource Guide edu-health-education-technical-assistance-resource-guide.pdf (5.85 MB) 08/23/2016 PDF
SFA or Sponsor Civil Rights Complaint Procedure Template edu-child-nutrition-sfa-sponsor-civil-rights-complaint-procedure-template.docx (3.54 MB) 08/25/2023 Text
SFA School CEP Notification Memo 2019-2020 SFA School CEP Notification memo 5-1-19.pdf (202.95 KB) 05/01/2019 PDF
SFSP 2020 Administrative Review Overview edu-nutrition-2020-administrative-review-overview.pdf (232.47 KB) 03/06/2020 PDF
SFSP Annual Procurement Threshold Determinations edu-sfsp-annual-procurement-threshold-determinations.docx (26.65 KB) 03/22/2023 Text
SFSP Application Packet Approval and Allowable Changes Procedure SFSP Application Packet Approval and Allowable Changes Procedure.pdf (315.98 KB) 10/23/2023 PDF
SFSP Claim for Reimbursement Submission: Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide edu-nutrition-sfsp-claim-for-reimbursement-submission-step-by-step-guide.pdf (1.6 MB) 04/22/2020 PDF
SFSP During Unanticipated School Closures: Claim Submission Training edu-nutrition-sfsp-during-unanticipated-closures-claims-training.pdf (457.41 KB) 11/17/2020 PDF
SFSP First Two Weeks Review Form edu-sfsp-first-two-weeks-review-form.pdf (258.78 KB) 12/05/2022 PDF