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Title Sort descending File Category Date File Format
Specific Learning Disability: Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team Members and Responsibilities edu-sld-multidisciplinary-evaluation-team-members-and-responsibilities.pdf (596.05 KB) 02/07/2022 PDF
Spotlight on Equity Resources edu-financial-literacy-spotlight-on-equity-resources.pdf (606.71 KB) 08/31/2021 PDF
Spring Census Online Instructions edu-data-collection-spring-census-online-instructions.pdf (631.4 KB) 05/30/2017 PDF
Spring Census Reporting Instructions edu-data-collection-spring-census-reporting-instructions.pdf (589.51 KB) 05/30/2017 PDF
Spring Seasonal Cycle Menu with Meal Components edu-nutrition-cycle-menu-spring-menu.xlsx (53.2 KB) 11/15/2021 Spreadsheet
Spring Sports Programs for the 2020-2021 School Year edu-spring-sports-programs-for-the-2020-2021-school-year.pdf (293.47 KB) 03/23/2021 PDF
Springfield School District (SU056) - Targeted Monitoring: On-Site Visit Notification - SY2022-2023 edu-notification-of-targeted-monitoring-springfield-sd-2-6-23.pdf (345.44 KB) 02/06/2023 PDF
Springfield School District AR Summary edu-nutrition-springfield-ar-summary.pdf (432.3 KB) 10/05/2017 PDF
Springfield SD Administrative Review Summary edu-springfield-sd-administrative-review-summary-21-22.pdf (697.56 KB) 03/24/2023 PDF
Springfield SD IFR Final Report edu-ifr-springfield-sd-final-report.pdf (362.86 KB) 08/09/2018 PDF
SSDDMS Sandbox Instructions ssddms-sandobx-instructions.pdf (328.19 KB) 07/24/2018 PDF
SSDDMS Sandbox Non-Disclosure Agreement power-school-ssddms-efinanceplus-sandbox-non-disclosure-agreement.pdf (155.34 KB) 07/17/2018 PDF
SSDDMS: End User Agreement edu-aoe-ssddms-end-user-agreement.pdf (265.84 KB) 12/20/2019 PDF
SSIS Presentation Slides March 8, 2021 edu-ssis-presentation-3-8-21.pdf (356.92 KB) 03/06/2021 PDF
SSO Daily Meal Count Form edu-nutrition-sso-daily-meal-count-form.pdf (181.05 KB) 06/28/2021 PDF
SSO Media Release Template SSO Media Release Template.docx (21.97 KB) 08/26/2021 Text
St Johnsbury Town School District Administrative Review Summary edu-st-johnsbury-town-school-district-administrative-review-summary-22-23.pdf (781.13 KB) 05/18/2023 PDF
St. Johnsbury Academy AR Summary edu-nutrition-st.johnsbury-academy-ar-summary.pdf (432.01 KB) 10/05/2017 PDF
St. Johnsbury Schools - CatCH Site Visit Report 2018-2019 CatCH St Johnsbury Site Visit Report 2018-2019.pdf (717.3 KB) 01/29/2019 PDF
St. Johnsbury Town SD AR Summary 2019 edu-nutrition-st.-johnsbury-ar-summary-2019.pdf (340.85 KB) 03/06/2019 PDF