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Title File Sort ascending Category Date File Format
Statewide Science Assessment Results Released edu-press-release-2015-science-assessment-necap-2015.pdf (238.91 KB) 10/16/2015 PDF
Union Elementary School Teacher Named 2016 Vermont Teacher of the Year edu-press-release-teacher-of-year-koch-2015-2016.pdf (110.71 KB) 10/19/2015 PDF
Alburgh Community Education Center Receives Technology Grant from Vermont Lottery edu-lottery-school-tech-winner-fall-2015.pdf (168.57 KB) 10/19/2015 PDF
Peter Drescher Named State Technology Leader of the Year edu-press-release-drescher-tech-leader-2015.pdf (255.53 KB) 11/04/2015 PDF
State Board of Education, Governor, to Honor 2016 Teacher of the Year edu-media-advisory-teacher-of-the-year-2016.pdf (143.06 KB) 11/10/2015 PDF
Agency Releases Targeted Tobacco Use Prevention Grants edu-press-release-tobacco-grants-2015.pdf (512.31 KB) 11/16/2015 PDF
Licensing - Acceptance of Official College Transcripts edu-licensing-memo-transcript-acceptance.pdf (279.92 KB) 07/19/2016 PDF
Vermont Lottery and Agency of Education Partner for Third Round of Tech Grants edu-press-release-education-technology-lottery-grant-spring-2016.pdf (149.6 KB) 02/18/2016 PDF
Vermont Principals Association Sanctions FIRST Lego League and FIRST Technical Challenge as a School Activity edu-press-release-vpa-sanctions-robotics-competitions.pdf (117.23 KB) 02/24/2016 PDF
Six Schools Selected to Represent Vermont at Regional Conference on Education Innovation edu-press-release-nessc-conference-vermont-school-presenters.pdf (140.86 KB) 03/17/2016 PDF
Vermont Students to Compete in 2nd Annual 3D Modeling Event edu-press-release-3d-vermont-2016.pdf (100.17 KB) 03/21/2016 PDF
Vermont Agency of Education Adopts National Core Arts Standards edu-press-release-nsac-national-core-arts.pdf (174.66 KB) 03/21/2016 PDF
Vermont Secures Grant to Improve Career Preparation Systems for Young People edu-press-release-ccsso-career-readiness-grant.pdf (184.49 KB) 03/30/2016 PDF
Three Schools Take Top Honors in 2nd Annual 3D Modeling Event edu-press-release-3d-vermont-winners.pdf (251.27 KB) 04/01/2016 PDF
Nominations Sought for the 2017 Vermont Teacher of the Year edu-press-release-teacher-of-the-year-nominations.pdf (171.04 KB) 04/12/2016 PDF
Newport Town School Receives Technology Grant from Vermont Lottery edu-press-release-lottery-tech-winner-spring-2016.pdf (161.73 KB) 04/25/2016 PDF
Vermont Teacher of the Year to be honored at White House edu-media-advisory-state-teachers-white-house.pdf (159.21 KB) 05/03/2016 PDF
VSAC, Agency of Education, VocRehab to Host Annual Transition and Career Planning Conference edu-press-release-career-planning-conference.pdf (108.83 KB) 05/10/2016 PDF
Adults take cue from students edu-op-ed-transgender-rebecca-holcombe.pdf (250.85 KB) 05/19/2016 PDF
Only the Voters Decide edu-oped-only-voters-decide.pdf (250.76 KB) 04/07/2016 PDF