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Title File Sort descending Category Date File Format
Rule 2200 Side-by-Side edu-state-board-rules-series-2200-side-by-side.pdf (615.05 KB) 08/09/2023 PDF
Rule Series 2200 - High Level Questions to Consider regarding Committee Amendments edu-state-board-rules-series-2200-sbe-amendments.pdf (274.75 KB) 08/09/2023 PDF
Rule Series 2200 - Marked Up Draft-August 9, 2023 edu-state-board-rules-series-2200-marked-up-draft-08-09-23.pdf (542.08 KB) 08/09/2023 PDF
Rule Series 2200 - Clean Copy - August 9, 2023 edu-state-board-rules-series-2200-clean-copy-08-09-23.pdf (474.79 KB) 08/09/2023 PDF
Home Study FAQ: 2023 Policy Update edu-home-study-faq-policy-update-2023.pdf (652.64 KB) 08/09/2023 PDF
Equitable Services Amounts by Independent School FY2023 Report edu-cfp-equitable-services-amounts-by-school-fy2023.xlsx (19.44 KB) 08/09/2023 Spreadsheet
Memo: Early Warning Systems Professional Learning Opportunity edu-early-warning-systems-memo-2023.pdf (573.55 KB) 08/09/2023 PDF
Rule Series 2200 Phase 2 Updates edu-state-board-rules-series-2200-phase-2-updates.pdf (159.39 KB) 08/09/2023 PDF
State Board of Education - Rule Series 2200 Committee Draft Meeting Minutes - August 4, 2023 edu-sbe-rule-2200-committee-draft-minutes-08-04-2023.pdf (316.06 KB) 08/09/2023 PDF
State Board of Education - Rules Series 2200 Committee: Approved Minutes July 24, 2023 Meeting Agenda: August 4, 2023 edu-sbe-rule-2200-committee-approved-minutes-07-24-2023.pdf (248.87 KB) 08/09/2023 PDF
Legislative Summary for State Board of Education edu-presentation-fisher-hedges-state-board-legislative-summary-20230809.pdf (2.04 MB) 08/09/2023 PDF
Develop Awareness of the Segments of Sounds in Speech and How They Link to Letters edu-develop-awareness-of-the-segments-of-sounds-in-speech-and-how-they-link-to-letters.pdf (252.65 KB) 08/10/2023 PDF
Teach Students to Decode Words, Analyze Word Parts, and Write and Recognize Words edu-teach-students-to-decode-words-analyze-word-parts-and-write-and-recognize-words.pdf (572.82 KB) 08/10/2023 PDF
Ensure That Each Student Reads Connected Text Every Day to Support Reading Accuracy, Fluency, and Comprehension edu-ensure-that-each-student-reads-connected-text-every-day-to-support-reading-accuracy-fluency-and-comprehension.pdf (215 KB) 08/10/2023 PDF
Teach Students Academic Language Skills, Including the Use of Inferential and Narrative Language, and Vocabulary Knowledge edu-teach-students-academic-language-skills-including-the-use-of-inferential-and-narrative-language-and-vocabulary-knowledge.pdf (222.74 KB) 08/10/2023 PDF
Teach Students How to Use Reading Comprehension Strategies edu-teach-students-how-to-use-reading-comprehension-strategies.pdf (557.66 KB) 08/10/2023 PDF
Establish an Engaging and Motivating Context in Which to Teach Reading Comprehension edu-establish-an-engaging-and-motivating-context-in-which-to-teach-reading-comprehension.pdf (558.76 KB) 08/10/2023 PDF
Teach Students to Identify and Use the Text's Organizational Structure to Comprehend, Learn, and Remember Content edu-teach-students-to-identify-and-use-the-texts-organizational-structure-to-comprehend-learn-and-remember-content.pdf (216.18 KB) 08/10/2023 PDF
Select Texts to Purposely Support Comprehension Development edu-select-texts-to-purposely-support-comprehension=development.pdf (561.18 KB) 08/10/2023 PDF
Guide Students Through Focused, High-Quality Discussion on the Meaning of Text edu-guide-students-through-focused-high-quality-discussion-on-the-meaning-of-text.pdf (561.02 KB) 08/10/2023 PDF