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Table data
Title File Category Date File Format
Technical Manual for Use and Accounting of IDEA Part B Entitlement Grants edu-technical-manual-for-use-and-accounting-of-idea-part-b-entitlement-grants.docx.pdf (2.94 MB) 07/01/2022 PDF
Lamoille South Unified Union School District and Stowe Self-Selected Representatives Presentation to State Board of Education Presentation to SBE from Lamoille South Unified Union School District and Stowe Self-Selected Representatives.pdf (178.7 KB) 07/01/2022 PDF
Lamoille South Unified Union School District and Stowe School District Report on Proposed Organizational Structure Report to SBE from Lamoille South Unified Union School District and Stowe School District on proposed Organizational Structure.pdf (286.79 KB) 07/01/2022 PDF
Memo to State Board of Education from Russo-Savage re: Stowe's Petition to Withdraw from Lamoille South Unified Union School District edu-memo-DRS-to-SBE-STOWE-LSUUSD-DraftMotions-07-20-22.pdf (641.83 KB) 07/01/2022 PDF
Notice to Households - Pricing Program - Adult Day Centers edu-nutrition-notice-to-households-pricing-program-adult-day-centers.docx (40.95 KB) 07/01/2022 Text
Notice to Households - Non-pricing - Adult Day Centers edu-nutrition-notice-to-households-non-pricing-program-adult-day-centers.docx (40.03 KB) 07/01/2022 Text
CACFP Income Eligibility Guidelines 2022-2023 edu-nutrition-cacfp-income-eligibility-guidelines-22-23.pdf (481.59 KB) 07/01/2022 PDF
Technical Manual for Documenting Maintenance of Effort edu-technical-manual-for-documenting-maintenance-of-effort.pdf (6.31 MB) 07/01/2022 PDF
State Board of Education Independent School Approval Review Committee Meeting Agenda: July 6, 2022 edu-sbe IS Approval Review Committee agenda-07-06-2022.pdf (181.17 KB) 07/01/2022 PDF
Memo: Implementation of Act 151 Universal Meals for School Year 2022-23 edu-memo-french-implementation-of-act-151-universal-meals-for-school-year-22-23.pdf (303.21 KB) 07/05/2022 PDF
Memo: ARP ESSER Afterschool State Set-Aside Grant Application edu-memo-french-arp-esser-afterschoolstate-set-aside-grant-application.pdf (174.86 KB) 07/06/2022 PDF
Home Language Survey Training Presentation edu-el-home-language-survey-training-presentation.pdf (225.25 KB) 07/06/2022 PDF
Public Comment: Rep. Avram Patt Public Comment-Avram Patt-7-2022.pdf (117.45 KB) 07/12/2022 PDF
Public Comment: Rabbi Small Public Comment-Rabbi Small-6-2022.pdf (117.92 KB) 07/12/2022 PDF
Item G: Email from Nancy Cornell edu-state-board-item-g-email-from-cornell-07-20-22.pdf (108.47 KB) 07/13/2022 PDF
Item G: Opinion from Atwood on ANWSU-MAUSD Proposed Merger Articles of Agreement edu-state-board-item-g-atwood-opinion-proposed-articles-of-agreement-07-20-22.pdf (154.87 KB) 07/13/2022 PDF
Item G: ANWSD/MAUSD Merger Study Committee Report and Articles of Agreement edu-state-board-item-g-anwsd-mausd-merger-study-committee-report-and-articles-of-agreement-07-20-22.pdf (10.98 MB) 07/13/2022 PDF
Item G: Secretary's Recommended Action edu-state-board-item-g-secretarys-recommended-action-07-20-22.pdf (208.52 KB) 07/13/2022 PDF
Item E: Signed Motion to Dismiss Appeal - Eastman edu-state-board-item-e-signed-motion-to-dismiss-appeal-eastman-07-20-22.pdf (598.88 KB) 07/13/2022 PDF
Item O: State Board of Education Expenditure Report edu-state-board-item-o-expenditure-report-07-20-22.pdf (123.12 KB) 07/13/2022 PDF