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Table data
Title File Category Date File Format
Spanish Meal Notice to Households and Instructions 2020-2021 edu-nutrition-spanish-notice-households-instructions-2020-2021.docx (41.77 KB) 11/13/2020 Text
Continuity of Learning Plan Tool edu-continuity-of-learning-plan-tool.docx (730.31 KB) 04/01/2020 Text
Continuity of Learning Plan Template edu-template-continuity-of-learning-plan.docx (760.21 KB) 03/28/2020 Text
VSBPE Agenda Item 5(PAC): Revised ROPA Standards with Track Changes VSBPE Agenda Item 5PAC_Revised ROPA Standards with track changes.docx (32.04 KB) 03/12/2020 Text
Home Study FAQ: Public School edu-home-study-faq-public-school.pdf (579.68 KB) 07/21/2023 Text
Distance Learning Planning and Tracking Form Template for Special Education Services edu-distance-learning-planning-and-tracking-form-template-for-special-education-services.docx (729.97 KB) 05/19/2020 Text
Meal Application Cover Letter Instructions 2020-2021 edu-nutrition-meal-application-cover-letter-instructions-2020-2021.docx (52.86 KB) 11/13/2020 Text
Model Policy on the Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying of Students edu-healthy-safe-schools-hhb-model-policy.docx (23.77 KB) 08/16/2016 Text
Model Procedures on the Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying of Students edu-healthy-safe-schools-hhb-model-procedures.docx (29.85 KB) 08/16/2016 Text
Printable - Delivery Receipt for Vended Satellite Meal Service edu-nutrition-delivery-receipt-for-vended-satellite-meal-service.docx (20.69 KB) 07/08/2020 Text
Faculty Supervision and Evaluation Plan -Milton Town School District edu-educator-quality-faculty-evaluation-plan-milton.docx (171.64 KB) 08/16/2016 Text
Supervision and Evaluation Plan - Caledonia North edu-educator-quality-supervision-evaluation-plan-caledonia-north.docx (55.04 KB) 08/16/2016 Text
Early College Program HE Agreement edu-ecp-he-agreement.docx (727 KB) 08/07/2020 Text
Summary of Performance Exit Report edu-summary-of-performance-exit-report.docx (729.82 KB) 07/31/2020 Text
VSBPE Correspondence: VDTSEA Letter of Support VDTSEA support letter to VSBPE.docx (85.25 KB) 05/28/2020 Text
Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolkit - Shared Vision Worksheet Shared Vision Worksheet.docx (713.75 KB) 05/19/2020 Text
High School Completion Program Prior Approval Request Form FY22 edu-high-school-completion-program-prior-approval-request-form.docx (731.49 KB) 12/10/2021 Text
Item H: Kurn Hattin Closure Letter 09.10.20 edu-state-board-item-h-6-10_21_20-closure letter.pdf (575 KB) 10/21/2020 Text
Individualized Education Program Post-Secondary Transition Plan Template (Fillable Form) edu-individualized-education-program-post-secondary-transition-plan-template.docx (731.05 KB) 08/12/2020 Text
Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolkit - Driver Diagram Driver Diagram.docx (824.66 KB) 05/19/2020 Text