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Title File Category Date File Format
Template Broadband Benefit Program Notification Letter edu-nutrition-template-broadband-benefit-program-notification-letter_0 (1).docx (21.8 KB) 09/22/2021 Text
FSMC Exhibit A-3 edu-nutrition-fsmc-exhibit-A-3.docx (249.12 KB) 09/13/2021 Text
ROPA Two-Year Report Template and FAQ edu-educator-quality-ropa-two-year-report 3.5.20.docx (58.05 KB) 03/05/2020 Text
Nepali Meal Application Cover Letter and Instructions 2021-2022 edu-nutrition-nepali-notice-households-instructions-2021-2022.docx (62.93 KB) 07/12/2021 Text
Sample Guardian Letter for Medicaid edu-medicaid-roi-sample-legal-guardian-letter.docx (15.04 KB) 09/01/2016 Text
21st CCLC Grant Application Appendix D - Self-Assessment Tool for Sustainability edu-21st-cclc-grant-application-appendix-d-self-assessment-tool-for-sustainability.docx (723.37 KB) 09/16/2021 Text
Paraprofessional Policies LEA Self-Assessment edu-paraprofessional-policies-lea-self-assessment.docx (723.76 KB) 09/22/2021 Text
Independent School General Education Application edu-approved-independent-schools-general-education-application.docx (754.26 KB) 06/20/2018 Text
Independent School Special Education Application edu-independent-school-special-education-application.docx (746.33 KB) 12/19/2017 Text
Independent School NEASC Approved Application edu-independent-school-neasc-approved-application.docx (723.94 KB) 09/01/2016 Text
21st CCLC Grant Application Appendix B - Planning Chart Template edu-21st-cclc-grant-application-appendix-b-planning-chart-template.docx (721.65 KB) 09/16/2021 Text
School Letter to Parents: Letter for CLOSE CONTACTS and ROLLOUT OF Test to Stay 10/05/2021 Text
Independent School Rate Approval Cover Sheet edu-rate-approval-cover-sheet-sped-FY22.docx (729.34 KB) 08/17/2021 Text
School Letter to Parents: POSITIVE Results of In-School COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test 10/05/2021 Text
Special Education Policies LEA Self-Assessment edu-special-education-policies-lea-self-assessment.docx (724.1 KB) 09/23/2021 Text
VSBPE Agenda Item 5(A): Non-transcripted Internship Non-transcripted Student Teaching.docx (149.87 KB) 10/14/2021 Text
VSBPE Agenda Item 4(A): COVID-19 and Student Teaching Agenda Item 4A COVID-19 and Student Teaching.docx (28.78 KB) 10/14/2021 Text
Special Education Evaluation Policies LEA Self-Assessment edu-special-education-evaluation-policies-lea-self-assessment.docx (727.03 KB) 09/22/2021 Text
CEP Site Declaration Form edu-nutrition-cep-site-declaration-form.docx (244.3 KB) 07/21/2021 Text
CEP Sample Letter to Households edu-nutrition-cep-sample-letter-households.docx (35.49 KB) 07/21/2021 Text