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Washington Northeast SU AR Summary 2019 edu-nutrition-washington-ne-ar-summary-2019.pdf (362.96 KB) 03/01/2019 PDF
Washington County Mental Health AR Summary edu-nutrition-washington-county-mental-health-ar-summary.pdf (429.66 KB) 10/05/2017 PDF
Washington County Mental Health Administrative Review Summary edu-washington-county-mental-health-administrative-review-summary-22-23.pdf (719.04 KB) 01/26/2023 PDF
Washington Central UUSD Final IFR Report 2019-2020 Washington Central UUSD Final IFR Report 2019-20.pdf (753.32 KB) 09/16/2020 PDF
Washington Central SU AR Summary 2019 edu-nutrition-washington-central-ar-summary-2019.pdf (332.07 KB) 04/12/2019 PDF
Waiver Request to Serve Meals at Schools under SFSP and SSO During Unanticipated School Closures edu-nutrition-vermont-unanticipated-school-closure-waiver_0.pdf (101.72 KB) 02/10/2020 PDF
Waiver Request Form for Superintendents vsbpe-waiver-request-superintendent-6-2-23.docx (629.32 KB) 06/04/2023 Text
Waiver Request Form for Educators vsbpe-waiver-request-educator-6-2-23.pdf (296.78 KB) 06/04/2023 PDF
Waiver of Area Eligibility Requirements for SFSP/SSO During COVID-19 Vermont Area Eligibility Waiver Plan 05-27-2021.pdf (365.75 KB) 12/14/2020 PDF
Wage Determinations Quick Start Guide Davis Bacon Wage Determination Steps.pdf (485.56 KB) 08/31/2021 PDF
VTVLC Roster Spreadsheet edu-vtvlc-roster-spreadsheet-col.xlsx (38.52 KB) 05/08/2020 Spreadsheet
VTmtss, Early MTSS, and Special Education: How VTmtss and Early MTSS Can Help LEAs Meet Federal and State Requirements for Special Education edu-vtmtss-early-mtss-and-special-education-how-vtmtss-and-early-mtss-can-help-leas.pdf (994.02 KB) 10/12/2021 PDF
VTmtss System Screener fillable form.docx VTmtss System Screener fillable form.docx (737.31 KB)
VTmtss System Screener edu-vtmtss-system-screener.docx (740.33 KB) 02/16/2023 Text
VTmtss Survey Webinar Slide Deck edu-vtmtss-survey-webinar-slidedeck-2023.pdf (198.67 KB) 01/30/2023 PDF
VTmtss Sources for Informative Systems Data by Component edu-vtmtss-sources-for-informative-systems-data-by-component.pdf (565.53 KB) 02/15/2023 PDF
VTmtss Office Hour – March 2020 Presentation Slides edu-vtmtss-office-hour-march-2020-presentation-slides.pdf (924.1 KB) 03/09/2020 PDF
VTmtss Office Hour - October 2019 edu-vtmtss-office-hour-october-2019.pdf (1.01 MB) 11/04/2019 PDF
VTmtss Office Hour - November 2019 Presentation Slides edu-vtmtss-office-hour-november-2019-presentation-slides.pdf (947.06 KB) 11/19/2019 PDF
VTmtss Office Hour - January 2020 Presentation Slides edu-vtmtss-office-hour-january-2020-presentation-slides.pdf (854.01 KB) 01/13/2020 PDF