Universal Prekindergarten

Act 166 of 2014 provides for universal access to publicly funded prekindergarten education. All public and private prekindergarten (PreK) education programs, including Head Start and public school operated programs, must meet specific requirements to operate a PreK program in Vermont. The Agency of Education, in collaboration with the Agency of Human Services, created administrative rules to guide Act 166 implementation.

Memos and Guidance


Statewide Prekindergarten Tuition Rate

This amount is adjusted each year by the New England Economic Project cumulative price index for state and local government purchases of goods and services. Districts paying tuition for prekindergarten education on behalf of a prekindergarten child to a prequalified prekindergarten education program (private or public) shall pay at the statewide rate for 10 hours per week for 35 weeks annually.

  • The statewide 2019/20 school year Prekindergarten Tuition Rate is $3,356.00.
  • The statewide 2018/19 school year Prekindergarten Tuition Rate is $3,267.00.
  • The statewide 2017/18 school year Prekindergarten Tuition Rate is $3,178.00.
  • The statewide 2016/17 school year Prekindergarten Tuition Rate is $3,092.00.
  • The statewide 2015/16 school year Prekindergarten Tuition Rate is $3,000.00.
  • Models Used to Arrive at Statewide PreK Tuition Rate


Fact Sheets 

Prequalified Programs

PreK stakeholders should consult the “2018-19 Public and Private Prekindergarten Providers List and Prequalification Status” list regularly to ensure that children may receive publicly funded PreK services for 2018-19 from providers who meet prequalification requirements. All public and private providers that have or are seeking prequalification for 2018-19 are included in this list. This list will be updated on a bi-weekly basis as applications continue to be processed. The Agency of Education will post this list every other Friday by 4 p.m. on this webpage.

Apply for Prequalification

All applications to become a prequalified provider must be submitted online. The Agency of Education and the Department for Children and Families will review completed applications, determine eligibility, and notify applicants within 30 business days.

Plan for Increasing Program Quality

Programs must have 4 STARS with 2 points in each of the arenas in Vermont's Step Ahead Recognition System  to be prequalified.  A program with 3 STARS or a program with 4 STARS without 2 points in each arena may provide prekindergarten education if they have an approved plan to meet the required program quality standards. Complete the online Plan to Achieve 4 STARS form and submit to Melissa Riegel-Garrett.

Required Prekindergarten Child Assessments

All publicly funded prekindergarten programs are required to report on the progress of children on an annual basis using the online Teaching Strategies GOLD child assessment.

District-Partner Agreements

Even though AOE and AHS monitor prequalified PreK programs compliance with Act 166, school districts will still need to establish an agreement with each of their partner programs.

Public School: Establishing Regions, Establishing Programs, Expanding Programs

Prior approval from the Agencies of Education and Human Services must be received before a school district may establish or expand a school operated prekindergarten education program or create a prekindergarten education region. This new requirement applies to all school districts and replaces the community needs assessment districts were required to complete under Act 62.

Establishment of a Prekindergarten Education Region

Act 166 provides for the establishment of geographic limitations or “Prekindergarten Regions” in which a school board may choose to propose to limit the geographic area within which it will pay tuition for prekindergarten education. Please contact Laura Greenwood for the most recent Prekindergarten Education Region Application.

Expansion of a Public School Operated Program

Responses to completed applications to establish or expand a program will be provided within 30 business days from submission of a complete application. Only applications submitted online will be accepted. 


Prekindergarten Exclusionary Discipline Data Collection

To meet obligations related to Universal Pre-Kindergarten (PreK) suspension and expulsion data collection, prequalified private and public PreK programs must complete this incident report for each child who is is suspended for two or more hours out of the 10 entitled PreK hours per week due to behavioral or disciplinary reasons. Within five school calendar days from the date of incident, submit this report to the designated contact for the child’s school district of residence.

Universal PreK Learning Modules

Questions about Universal Pre-K in Vermont?

Laura Greenwood, Vermont Agency of Education Act 166 Coordinator, laura.greenwood@vermont.gov ,
(802) 470-1476

Vermont Agency of Education Educator Licensing Office, AOE.LicensingInfo@vermont.gov, (802) 479-1700

Vermont Agency of Human Services CCD Child Care Licensing List or Licensor of the Day, (802) 241-0837

Johanna Vaczy, STARS Coordinator, STARS@mjccvt.org, (802) 398-2037

Renee Swain, Head Start State Collaboration Office Director, renee.swain@vermont.gov, (802) 585-9194

Katie McCarthy, ECSE Coordinator II/IDEA 619, katie.mccarthy@vermont.gov, (802) 479-1401

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