Educator Equity

Equal Access to Excellent Educators

Educator Equity Plan

After several public meetings and a public comment period, the Educator Equity Plan is complete and has been approved by the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE). To learn more about educator equity, watch the short videos from Deputy Secretary Amy Fowler.

Federal Effort to Ensure Access to High-Quality Educators for All

The Agency of Education, in response to the USDOE requirement, is examining the extent to which schools that serve students from historically underserved communities (poverty and high-minority populations) are enjoying the same access to quality educators as those school with greater privilege (wealthy and low-minority populations).

“Our initial review of Vermont data suggests that there are pronounced inequities in access to high quality educators for our students attending schools with greater poverty, and these inequities are greatest in our rural and remote communities. For example, in our high poverty schools 6% of teachers are in their first year compared to 3% of teachers in our low poverty schools; in rural and remote areas this is even more pronounced. Among high poverty schools, those located far from urban centers have 6.4% of teachers in their first year compared to wealthier schools in these same areas where 2.8% of teachers are in their first year,” said Amy Fowler, Deputy Secretary for the Agency.

Regional Meetings on Educator Equity

Did you miss the regional meetings on Educator Equity? Watch the short videos below to learn more about equal access to high quality educators.

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