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End of the Year Assessment (EOYA)


Annual Assessments  

At the end of each year a student is enrolled in Home Study program, they must receive some sort of assessment to demonstrate that the student made progress in their home study program.  Examples of assessments include a parent report and portfolio, a standardized test or teacher assessment by a Vermont licensed teacher. 

With the July 1, 2023, update in Home Study law, assessments must continue to be completed each year.  The change is that they no longer need to be submitted to the Agency of Education (AOE) for review.  Families must keep a copy of their EOYA for their student records.   

Here is what the Home Study Law says about End of Year Assessments (EOYAs):

  • An attestation that the academic progress of each child enrolled in a home study program will be assessed at the end of each school year and that the parent or guardian will maintain the record of such assessments. Permitted means of assessment shall include:
    • A standardized assessment, which may be administered by the local school district or a testing service, or administered in a manner approved by the testing company;
    • A review of the student’s progress by an individual who holds a current Vermont teacher’s certificate;
    • A parent or guardian report and portfolio to include a summary of what the student learned during the school year and at least four samples of student work;
    • Grades from an online academy or school; or
    • Evidence of passing of the GED