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Vermont Special Education

The Agency of Education (AOE) handles making sure that federal and Vermont state regulations are followed so that students with disabilities can have access to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE). To do this well, the special education team commits to supporting families and Vermont schools that educate students with disabilities. We provide support in the form of both resources and technical assistance. Please contact our team. We're here to help!

Special Education Team

Our team, together with all stakeholders, ensures access, opportunity and equity by providing solution-based oversight, leadership and support to build capacity and improve student outcomes.

Special Education Technical Assistance is available 24 hours/day through the general email and voicemail system. These methods of communication are monitored regularly during business hours and a response is generally provided within 1 business day: or (802) 828-1256.

State Director of Special Education

Heather Willis-Doxsee, State Director of Special Education

Chris Kane, Assistant State Director of Special Education

Sabine Perry, Assistant to Special Education Director and Special Education Team

Technical Assistance and Professional Development

Emma Rose McCadden, Assessment Coordinator for Special Populations

Tracy Harris, Coordinator for Behavioral Supports

Ana Russo, Inclusion and Accessibility Coordinator

Cassie Santo, Inclusive Practices Coordinator

John Spinney, Post-Secondary Transition Coordinator

Abigale Stannard,  Inclusive Systems Coordinator

Ernest Wheeler, Special Education Technical Assistance Provider

General Supervision and Monitoring 

Tristan McNamara, Special Education Monitoring Program Manager

Simona KraghSpecial Education Monitoring Coordinator

Special Education Extended Team Members

Cassidy Canzani, Federal and Special Education Data Director

Brandon Dall, Special Education Data Specialist 

Katie McCarthy, Early Childhood Special Ed/IDEA Part B 619 Coordinator 

Amy Murphy, Early Childhood Inclusion Coordinator 

Alicia Hanrahan, Education Programs Manager, Interagency Coordinator

Jennifer Perry, Special Education Finance Specialist

J. Deborah Ormsbee, Independent School Coordinator II

Rights of Parents of Students with Disabilities

Rights of Parents of Students with Disabilities can be found on Families Resources webpage.