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Special Education Forms

The forms on this page guide educators and families through the IEP process, the General Supervision and Monitoring System processes and Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements (PBGR). You will also find an Adverse Effect Chart and a Technical Assistance / Professional Development Request form to request support from the AOE in an area of need.

IEP Process and Evaluation Forms

Programs that opt to use these special education forms will be evaluating children age three through 21 years of age to determine their eligibility for special education services. Users will also use the individualized education program (IEP) form to develop a document of appropriate services, if the child is eligible.

Form #1: Notice of Meeting

Form #2: Special Education Evaluation Plan and Report

Form #3: Prior Written Notice for Special Education Evaluation

Form #3a: Consent for A Special Education Evaluation

Form #4: Notice of Initial Evaluation Delay

Form #5: Individualized Education Program (IEP)

Form #5: Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) Ages Three Through Five - Individualized Education
                   Program (IEP)

Form #5a: Written Agreement for Not Attending an IEP Meeting

Form #5b: Agreement to Revise the IEP Between Annual Review Meetings

Form #5c: Revision of the IEP Between Annual Review Meetings

Form #6: Consent for Initial Provision of Special Education Services

Form #6a: Revocation of Consent for Provision of Special Education Services

Form #6b: IDEA Part C to Part B Transition

Form #7: Notice of Local Educational Agency Decision

Form #8: Written Agreement Between Parents and District - Re-evaluations

Form #9: Completion of an Evaluation of A Transfer Student

Form #10: Parentally-Placed Students in Non-public Schools (including Home Study) and Proportionate Share Requirements

Form #11: Documentation of Attempts to Seek Parent/Guardian Participation

Form #12: Parental Input Page

Vermont Special Education Forms - All forms in Microsoft Word Format

Individualized Education Program Post-Secondary Transition Plan Template (Fillable Form)

This is Vermont’s new post-secondary transition plan template of the IEP. This template has embedded technical assistance to improve Indicator 13 documentation.

Summary of Performance Exit Report

This template represents a baseline for the required fields within a Summary of Performance document.

General Supervision and Monitoring Forms

Monitoring Tools

Professional Development/Technical Assistance Request Form

Request Professional Development/Technical Assistance from the Agency of Vermont's Special Education Team.

Graduation/Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirement Forms

Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements (PBGR) – Access Plan

Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements (PBGR) – Access Plan (Blank Template) 

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