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Education Laws

Legislation and Regulations

Title 16: Vermont Education Law

Title 16: Education  provides that right to public education is integral to Vermont's constitutional form of government and its guarantees of political and civil rights. Further, the right to education is fundamental for the success of Vermont's children in a rapidly-changing society and global marketplace as well as for the State's own economic and social prosperity. 

Acts Related to Vermont Education

Agency of Education Rules

The Agency of Education promulgates rules in accordance with Vermont statute and direction from Vermont’s General Assembly. Rules help Vermont school systems follow the law and ensure quality and equity is maintained for all Vermont learners.

AOE Rulemaking page

State Board of Education Manual of Rules and Practices

The powers and duties of the Agency of Education are derived from the powers and duties of the State Board of Education and the Secretary of Education pursuant to Title 16 Vermont Statutes. Hearings, appeals, rule-making, and declaratory rulings shall be conducted in accordance with 3 VSA Chapter 25. The secretary or their designee shall prepare and sign all forms necessary for the proposal and adoption of rules. Review the State Board of Education Rules and Practices

Reports and Requirements

Critical Dates for Vermont Schools

The AOE has compiled a list of critical dates that take place over an academic year, including due dates for field reports and applications, dates when the AOE anticipates releasing data collections and test results, and windows for statewide assessments. This information is being shared publicly as an Excel table, which will allow users to manipulate and format the data as needed.

Memo from Deputy Secretary Amy Fowler  ​
Critical Dates for Schools

This table is being introduced for the first time this year.  We anticipate revising it before each academic year, going forward, and will incorporate your feedback on its efficacy into this revision process.

For questions on the Critical Dates tale, please email Chris Case, Education Project Manager.

Model Policies

Model policies provide guidance, direction and recommended standards to help school administrators develop general school policy statements. At times, the agency is specifically tasked by the Vermont State Board of Education or the Vermont Legislature to create model policies that address specific issues related to students and schools. Other recommended and/or mandatory policies are developed by the Vermont School Boards Association, often in conjunction with agency staff.

Review Model Policies

Request for Proposals

All requests for contract bids (requests for proposals) issued by the agency for amounts over $15,000 are posted to one of two central state websites:


Call our legal team at (802) 828-1518.