Memo: Annual Snapshot Administrator and Public Release Timeline

May 30, 2019

TO: Superintendents and Principals
FROM: Daniel M. French, Ed.D., Secretary of Education
SUBJECT: Annual Snapshot Administrator and Public Release Timeline
DATE: May 30, 2019

On June 20, 2019, the Agency of Education will roll out the Annual Snapshot, a new easy-to-use
online dashboard for accessing a broad collection of information about schools and school
performance. This is the first time an improvement-focused dashboard of this kind has been
implemented in Vermont. The purpose of this memo is to inform you of upcoming
communications, resources and training opportunities related to the rollout of the Annual

The Annual Snapshot is a way for Vermont communities to better understand how well their
schools are performing and find opportunities for growth and improvement. The snapshot also
helps communities understand how they are supporting the education of students who have
been historically underserved.

We anticipate that this information will be valuable to administrators and school boards to help
you structure and lead improvement in your district and schools. This tool will provide new
opportunities for community conversations about school performance and continuous
improvement. With that in mind, the AOE will be providing a range of training opportunities,
technical support and resources to help you lead these conversations in your community.

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