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Social Emotional Learning and Well Being Data Collection and Reporting  

Collecting accurate, timely data on SEL and mental health implementation and outcomes allows district-level teams to monitor their progress toward their continuous improvement goals. Reporting this data provides opportunities for LEA to receive ongoing support and technical assistance by the Agency of Education and Department of Mental Health. 

Universal Screening for Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Needs and Strengths in Vermont Schools - These guidelines are designed to support the work of LEA leadership (Supervisory Union, School District, and Independent Schools) in the universal screening of students for social, emotional, and behavioral needs and strengths. Just as with academic needs, addressing social, emotional, behavioral, mental health, and wellness needs in school is a core component of a multi-tiered system of support and needs to be specifically addressed in continuous improvement plans at the school and LEA level.  

District Quality Standards - The standards provided in these rules describe the core elements of a quality education delivery system. They also describe the role of the Agency of Education in providing the necessary support and oversight to attain those standards, so all students receive substantially equal access to a quality education which includes, “At least annually, the Board monitors student academic progress and wellness.” (113.1.3).  

Education Quality Standards, or EQS, describe what a high-quality education should look like for students attending Vermont’s public schools.  The Rules are an update to 1997’s School Quality Standards and were approved by the Vermont State Board of Education in 2013, going into effect on April 5, 2014.  

NOTE: In the updates to the EQS awaiting approval, Education Quality Standards (Clean Text), 2124.1 Minimum Reporting Requirements, includes …each SU/SD shall report student and system performance results to the community at least annually in formats selected by the school board. SU/SDs shall at minimum report on indicators provided by the Vermont Agency of Education, those identified in 16 V.S.A. § 165(a), and other locally determined indicators, including, but not limited to, indicators that describe students’: … d) Social and emotional well-being…