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Act 78: Adult Education and Literacy HSCP Student Access Study Committee


Per H.494, Sec. E. 504 (b) + (c) (3), there is created the Adult Education and Literacy High School Completion Program (HSCP) Student Access Study Committee to review and report on decreased HSCP enrollment and subsequent adult basic education funding issues. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Joint Fiscal Committee, the General Assembly, and the Agency of Administration on or before January 15, 2024 to increase enrollment in HSCP. The Secretary of Education or designee shall call the first meeting of the Committee to occur on or before September 15, 2023.

Vermont High School Completion Program 2006-2010 Evaluation report Executive Summary July 2011
Vermont WIOA Combined State Plan PYs 2022-2023 (Mod)


September 12, 2023: 
Draft Meeting Minutes
Approved Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2023:
Draft Meeting Minutes
Approved Meeting Minutes
AEL-HSCP Study Committee Materials Packet
AOE Presentation: Background on Adult Education and Literacy Programs and HSCP

October 24, 2023
Draft Meeting Minutes
Approved Minutes

November 14, 2023
Meeting Canceled  

December 5, 2023

Draft Meeting Minutes
DRAFT Act 78 AEL Committee Proposal

December 20, 2023

Draft Meeting Minutes
Comments and Questions from Act 78 Study Committee Members
Draft Act 78 AEL Committee Proposal


Catherine Kalkstein, Executive Director, Central Vermont Adult Basic Education - Chair
Representative Mary-Katherine Stone - Vice Chair
Senator Martine Gulick
Jess DeCarolis, Vermont Agency of Education Designee
Xusana Davis, Executive Director, Office of Racial Equity 
Mike McRaith, Vermont Principals' Assocation