The Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) communicates with the press, education stakeholders, and the broader public via press releases, media advisories, and other announcements.

Secretary Holcombe VSBA Presentation

This presentation was shared by Secretary Holcombe during a series of regional school board meetings in late fall 2014. It uses data to articulate the current challenges facing school boards, and what choices they may make to impact those challenges.


Weekly Field Memos

A weekly compilation of e-mail messages sent to principals, superintendents, curriculum coordinators, independent schools, and education partners.

Calendar of Agency-sponsored Events

The agency's calendar of events is designed to be used as a planning tool by educators in the field. The calendar lists Agency-sponsored events, which, unless noted otherwise, are intended to benefit service providers, educators and administrators.

Memos to Vermont Schools

Memos to the field from the Agency of Education Staff.

Education - Join the Conversation

The Vermont Agency of Education partners with RETN and ORCA Media to host a TV show focusing on various education topics around the state. The TV show allows us to open the doors of our schools so the public can see what education looks like in Vermont.

Blog: Let’s Talk Education

The Vermont Agency of Education hosts a blog that explores various education topics; the blog includes voices from the Agency and various education stakeholders. The Agency’s blog is another vehicle to talk about what our work is, how we do it, and how we serve our mission of continuously improving learning for ALL Vermont students.


VT Munch Times

Linking Learning to Life

Dual Enrollment

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Press Inquires (Media)

Media relations and many public information inquiries are handled through the agency's Education & Public Information Officer (PIO). The PIO serves as the initial point of contact for questions from reporters and journalists. Direct press inquiries to Communications.


Jill Remick, Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs, at or (802) 479-1177

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