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Agency of Education personnel provide support and resources to Vermont's schools, educators and students. The agency also works with the public and the state legislature to provide information about the state's schools and the laws and regulations that govern the state education system. Positions are posted as they become available.

Visit the State of Vermont Human Resources page for current employment opportunities at the Agency of Education.

great jobs, great lifeNondiscrimination Policies

The Agency of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, creed, marital status, sex, disability, age, gender identity or sexual orientation in its programs or activities. Please direct questions or concerns regarding nondiscrimination policies as they apply to employment with the Agency of Education:

Heidi Dimick, Human Resources Manager
(802) 828-4612 (P)
(802) 479-4321 (F)

Employment Opportunities in Vermont Schools

Hiring decisions and salary negotiations for K-12 public school teachers, administrators, paraeducators, substitute teachers, and support personnel are handled on the supervisory union/district level in Vermont. The Agency of Education is not involved in educator hiring decisions. To better meet the needs of schools and of those seeking education positions in Vermont, supervisory unions/districts use an online recruiting service called School Spring

Job candidates may register at SchoolSpring and complete an online application for positions listed by all participating schools and post a résumé to the online résumé bank.

Other Employment Resources

Small Scale Education Contracts

The Agency of Education has numerous instances annually in which the Agency has a need for qualified individuals to participate in short-duration activities.  In order to compensate or reimburse expenses to individuals for these activities, the Agency may generate Small Scale Education Contracts for Services.

Each year, the Agency will recruit qualified individuals for various activity categories held throughout the year. The recruitment process will entail completing a survey and submitting a resume. As activities are planned, Agency staff will select pre-qualified individuals from the approved list.  Selection of individuals will entail invitations to all qualified candidates on the list with the date, duration and description of the service opportunity. Contracts will be offered on a first-response, first filled basis.

To be included in the FY2019 list of qualified individuals, please complete the Small Scale Contract Prequalification Survey. Also email your resume to Shelley Matz, with Small Scale Contract in the subject line. 

Expense Authorizations Are Now “Small Scale Education Contracts”

The Agency of Education has been required to change the way it administers a process formerly called Expense Authorizations or EAs. EAs are contracts and we must be in compliance with both state and federal regulations in order to carry them out. Our new Small Scale Education Contracts can be used to procure services from individuals for short durations where the compensation is no more than $1,000 plus expenses in a fiscal year.

The use of these Small Scale Education Contracts is limited to the following activities:

  1. Results Oriented Program Approval Team Members
  2. Individuals who assist in the peer review licensing process
  3. Individuals or help score alternate student assessments
  4. Members of site monitoring teams
  5. Members of the Committee of Practitioners regarding Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
  6. Members of ad hoc Agency committees and panels who are non-state employees
  7. Presenters at conferences

For these Small Scale Education Contracts, we have been granted permission to shorten the State contracting process and reduce many of the requirements normally placed on contractors. In particular, the new process requires we obtain proof of auto insurance with $250,000/$500,000 split limit liability coverage. We must also follow a selection process that will help ensure we use individuals with the best qualifications who are chosen on an impartial basis.

We do appreciate all of those who have assisted us under the terms in our old EAs and hope you and others will assist us using the Small Scale Education Contracts going forward.

Teacher Shortage Areas

The U.S. Department of Education annually publishes a nationwide list of designated teacher shortage areas. Find designated teacher shortage areas in Vermont and learn more about the program on the U.S. Department of Education website.