Grants Management System Replacement Project Update

June 27, 2018

TO:                  GMS Change Agents, Superintendents, and Business Managers

FROM:             Emily Byrne, Chief Financial Officer

SUBJECT:        Grants Management System Replacement Project Update

DATE:             June 27, 2018

This message is intended to update all State of Vermont Supervisory Unions and School Districts on the progress and upcoming activities in the new Agency of Education (AOE) Grants Management System.

Since our previous update on April 16th where we reported our success in completing two new data collections and our first Grant Application, we’ve successfully launched eight more priority grants to include Perkins Post-Secondary, Tobacco, Consolidated Federal Programs (CFP), Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Building Effective Strategies for Teaching (BEST) & Act 230, Migrant, Neglected & Delinquent, and School Improvement Grant (SIG) 1003g.

With these completed, we are proceeding next to develop, rollout, and provide training on the:

  • Reimbursement Request process
  • Grant Monitoring Collections
  • Remaining five Grant Applications (note: 21st Century being done in two parts)

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