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The Agency of Education submitted the Vermont State Plan for federal review on April 3, 2017. The plan describes a revised accountability system for the state.

As a result of the transition from Vermont’s old accountability system to the proposed new accountability system, Vermont will not have new accountability determinations for 2016-2017.

Implementation of a new accountability system would begin from the time of the plan’s approval. 2017-18 is currently being anticipated as a transition year, where performance measure data would be reported to schools without being used as a part of an accountability determination. 2018-19 is anticipated as being the first year that this revised system is put into practice, with 2018-19 assessment data being used to make accountability determinations in late 2019.

As we transition into a new accountability system, schools are to continue implementing their current improvement plans, while anticipating that these plans will likely evolve in response to determinations and the continuous improvement framework within the new system.