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Personalized Learning Planning Process

Creating Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) provides students the opportunity to reflect upon their learning and shape their future, and enables the adults in their lives to better understand each student as a unique individual. However, the actual documentation of the PLP - in any selected format - is only as good as the process that supports its development. The resources provided below support a process much more so than a product. While a clear and thoughtful product is key to ultimate success, students, schools, SUs/SDs must have the freedom to innovate and adapt formats and platforms to meet the changing needs of learners over time.

Act 77

Act 77 of 2013 paves the way for schools to “work with every student in grade seven through grade 12 in an ongoing personalized learning planning process that: (A) identifies the student’s emerging abilities, aptitude, and disposition; (B) includes participation by families and other engaged adults; (C) guides decisions regarding course offerings and other high-quality educational experiences; and (D) is documented by a personalized learning plan (PLP).” PLPs should be developmentally appropriate and define the scope and rigor of academic and experiential opportunities necessary for a secondary student to complete secondary school successfully, attain postsecondary readiness, and be prepared to engage actively in civic life.

Self-Paced Learning Modules: Practices in Personalized, Proficiency-Based Learning

This course, designed by the Vermont Professional Learning Network, in collaboration with Center for Collaborative Education, will provide an overview of a set of key practices in personalized, proficiency-based learning; invite reflection and discussion about considerations for key practices in personalized, proficiency-based learning; and provide examples and opportunities to engage with key practices in personalized, proficiency-based learning. You can also review other PBL-related courses

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