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Shared School District Data Management System

The Shared School District Data Management System is a shared financial and human resources data management system for Vermont Supervisory Unions (SUs) and Supervisory Districts (SDs). SSDDMS supports SU/SDs implementation of the Uniform Chart of Accounts (UCOA). The platform supports continued UCOA compliance through a centrally managed chart of accounts, while allowing opportunity for local flexibility and granularity. The system also includes mechanisms for more efficient reporting to the state. The AOE has contracted for the SSDDMS as a fully vendor-hosted service (eFinancePLUS) for SU/SDs to reduce administrative costs and maximize the return on investment of State funds awarded in conjunction with 2014 Acts and Resolves No. 179, Secs. E.500.1-E.500.3 as amended by 2015 Acts and Resolves No. 58, Sec. E.500.1

Project Overview

In 2018, the General Assembly required SUs/SDs to use the same school financial management system, as selected by the state (2018 Spec. Sess. Acts and Resolves No. 11, Sec, E.500.1). The state has chosen Power School's eFinancePlus as the SSDDMS platform. 

What functionality is included in eFinancePLUS?

List of eFinancPLUS Application Modules

Resources found on this project webpage

Districts that have not yet begun the implementation process and would like to learn more about the project and eFinancePLUS can access a range of resources and information below. The resources include project overview videos on implementing and using the software and instructions to access a sandbox area that allows districts to preview the eFinancePlus software. Whether you are still waiting to join the SSDDMS or you have already rolled out eFinancePLUS, there are many resources below that you may find useful. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the project team at

Product Related Videos 

eFinancePlus Quick Overviews

Webinar: eFinancePLUS Implementation Overview

eFinancePLUS Product Demos - There are a number of webinars and videos on aspects of the product including Budget, Payroll, Purchasing, and Fund Accounting, among others. If there are specific aspects of the product you wish to see in a demonstration, or if you have any issues accessing any of the content in these videos, please contact the project team.


The Sandbox provides a preview of the off the shelf eFinancePLUS product. While this version does not reflect all the features of the Vermont-specific contract, it will give you a good idea for the feel of the software and some of its basic capabilities.

How to sign up for the SSDDMS Sandbox

eFinancePLUS Sandbox Non-Disclosure Agreement


There are numerous application modules integrated within eFinancePLUS and the implementation is done in two major phases. Completion of Phase-I occurs when the SUs/SDs officially begin processing their payroll in the SSDDMS, which in most Rounds is one year after starting. Applications enabled throughout Phase-II are incrementally added, and immediately available for use as they get completed.

The term “Round” is given to a specific timeframe when a Group of SU/SDs go through the two phases. As many as eight SU/SDs join together in one or more Groups. Looking at the table below for example, you see Round 6 will have two groups of 8 (A and B) for a total of 16 SUs/SDs. Some SU/SDs within a Group may also include another one or more “child” districts. In the new SSDDMS, a separate database is created for each district, so while there are only 50+ SU/SDs listed below, there are almost 200 individual districts being implemented and setup in the SSDDMS.

IMPlementation rounds and their groups Su/sds start date targeted phase-1 apps completion timeframe (i.e. payroll processing) targeted phase-II apps completion timeframe
1 3 May 1, 2018 Jan. 1, 2019 July 1, 2020
2 1 July 1, 2019 Jan. 1 - Jul. 1, 2019 July 1, 2020
3 0 Cancelled N/A N/A
4A and B 7 Jan. 1, 2019 July 1, 2019 July 1, 2020
4C 3 Jan. 1, 2019 Jan. 1, 2020 July 1, 2020
5 5 July 1, 2019 July 1, 2020 Jan. 1, 2021
6A and B 16 July 1, 2020 July 1, 2021 Jan. 1, 2022
7 8 Jan. 1, 2021 Jan. 1, 2022 July 1, 2022
8 10 July 1, 2021 July 1, 2022 Jan. 1, 2023

Actual implementation work varies but consists primarily of SU/SDs working with our solution provider PowerSchool to configure and setup their new environment and export (copy) data from different areas of their current system into specialized Excel conversion files. PowerSchool then loads these files into the new system and resolves any issues encountered. In this way, the information is not only converted to work with the eFinancePLUS format, but also conforms to the new UCOA standard by use of a Crosswalk process. Refer to the UCOA website for more information on this. While eFinancePLUS contains many built in reports, identifying and developing additionally required reports for compliance and local day to day operations is also part of the process.

SU/SDs also learn to use eFinancePLUS during the Implementation timeframe through various resources made available; videos, manuals, searchable knowledge-base content, live remote and onsite Consultant training and individual one-on-one support.

End User Agreement


Contact the SSDDMS Project Team

Districts that have begun implementing eFinancePLUS  can access project materials on the SSDDMS SharePoint site. Resources on the site include a project calendar, conversion documents and status reports. There are also templates, meeting and training agendas, and other project materials as well as information on how to contact support for different parts of the project.

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Further Resources

The Further Resources page has more information about the SSDDMS project. You can read the SSDDMS frequently asked questions, learn more about the status of the project and related legislation and access background information.

SSDDMS Project Charter (final document with signatures)

SSDDMS Project Charter (final document without signatures; meets digital accessibility requirements)

Memo: SSDDMS Legislative Update

Memo: Announcement of SSDDMS Vendor and Status Update

Memo: Shared School District Data Management System Project Status

FY20 Uniform Chart of Accounts

Enterprise Project Management Website


Contact the SSDDMS Project Team

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