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Vermont Prekindergarten Programs Attribute Map

A Geospatial Analytic Tool for Policymakers

As part of AOE’s ongoing effort to turn data into information, we partnered with the Region 1 Comprehensive Center at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) over the last several months to examine patterns in Universal PreK Program availability. The results of this work include a geospatial analytic tool that helps users explore factors like drive times to different types of programs across the state’s regions. This tool leverages extant data to help users learn about the spatial opportunities and hurdles that Vermont families experience in accessing different types of PreK programs across the state.

The tool is designed for use by policymakers and advocates working to increase access to quality prekindergarten education in Vermont. If you are a parent looking for a PreK provider for your child, please search the Department for Children and Families' Bright Futures Child Care Information System.

How to Use the Map

The map is best viewed opened in a new window.

To view data on the map: Hovering over each of the six icons in the top right of the screen (in green) will show the type of data that can be viewed.  Click on any of the icons, then click the individual boxes in the drop-down menu to turn the data layers on or off. The left side of the screen will display labels for the data shown in the map.

map icons

To move around the map: Use the + and – buttons in the upper left corner of the map to zoom in and out of the map. Click and use your mouse or trackpad to move the map left, right, up, and down.  The home button in the upper left of the map will reset the view to the original.

Note: Green areas on the map depict National and State Parks and Forests.