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Continuous Improvement

Vermont’s model of continuous improvement is built on the belief that all education systems can improve.  In recent years, the Agency of Education (AOE) has focused increasingly on supporting schools at the supervisory union and district level (SU/SD). Systemic changes at the SU/SD level will likely impact all schools and student's performance within that SU/SD.

AOE facilitates the continuous improvement process for all SU/SDs. The process begins with a data informed needs assessment in the form of the Annual Snapshot.  The snapshot captures high-priority needs for each district and school as well as their successes. SU/SDs address these needs in their Continuous Improvement Plans. The AOE regularly reviews the plans, and the degree of AOE involvement varies based on school and SU/SD needs.

The AOE offers a wide variety of continuous improvement supports to SUs/SDs and schools, but they all have some things in common:

  • Continuous improvement decisions are more likely to be effective when they are data-driven.
  • Schools should evaluate and revise continuous improvement supports often to ensure that they are effective and relevant.

Education Quality and Continuous Improvement Framework

The Education Quality and Continuous Improvement Framework is a comprehensive document that features a synthesis of research, resources for developing a deeper understanding of Vermont’s Education Quality Standards, as well as in-depth support for the continuous improvement process. The document will be updated frequently to ensure that we are meeting the needs of Vermont educators and providing them with the most current research.

Vermont Agency of Education’s (VT AOE) most intensive front-line improvement work happens in Networked Improvement Communities (NICs). These programs are designed for organizations committed to achieving sustainable change within a specific topic area and committed to problem-solving and continuous improvement. Through shared learning, teams made up from a variety of experts, researchers, and SU/SD practitioners work with each other, and the VT AOE Staff to rapidly test and implement changes that lead to scalable, sustainable and lasting improvement. Please read the document titled Networked Improvement Communities for more information.


Modules: These videos and modules are an overview and introduction to the Continuous Improvement process, including how to conduct a Comprehensive Needs Assessment and engage in Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycles.


Templates and Toolkits: The resources, templates, and toolkits included in this section are designed to be easy-to-use, practical guides for SU/SDs and schools as they develop and implement Continuous Improvement Plans


Technical Support and Resources

Coffee and Conversation Series

Equity Literacy Resources:

The document linked below is a list of resources and potential partners and is a small sample of possible opportunities for equity literacy learning. We acknowledge that all groups and communities may not be represented by this list, but it provides a place to start, as you may adapt or reinterpret a resource to fit your local needs or community.


Content Specialists Support

In our effort to offer SU/SDs and schools comprehensive support, we collaborate across the AOE to coordinate resources and guidance.


Further, our Education Quality Assurance Team also uses a collaborative approach for supporting schools. We assume collective responsibilities for all SU/SDs. You may contact any member of our team for technical assistance and support.


Email the Education Quality Assurance Team

Josh Souliere, Assistant Director of Education Quality Assurance Team, (802) 828-0790

Donna Stafford,  Education Quality Assurance Manager, (802) 828-1201

Lori Dolezal, Education Quality Assurance Manager, (802) 828-1128

Jenn Dale, Education Quality Assurance Coordinator, (802) 828-1290

Toni Marra, Education Quality Assurance Coordinator, (802) 828-1206

Kevin P. Doering, Education Quality Assurance Coordinator, (802) 828-1192

Marianna Charalabopoulos, Education Quality Assurance Coordinator, (802) 828-1199

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